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   Chapter 101 Sun Bimeng

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It was the next day when Xiu Ran learned of this matter. It was even after the Imperial court session when Jingguo Marquis found him and told him. Only then did he learn that Su Yun and Luo Bing had returned safe and sound.

He felt this was an impossible thing, because those death soldiers he'd sent out were already considered the elites of the elite. Although he'd felt it was a shame these people died, if they could kill Su Yun and Luo Bing, then it was also worth it.

But now, the news he got was that Su Yun and Luo Bing didn't die, and yet his death soldiers had all mysteriously disappeared. This kind of good coincidence, Su Qingyan encountered, fine. Yet, why did her parents also encounter such good fate?

"Marquis, are you sure, Su Yun and Luo Bing came back alive?" Xiu Ran looked to Jingguo Marquis and spoke in a cold tone, "The death soldiers I dispatched out were all really strong."

Jingguo Marquis listened to his words and coldly laughed, "Do I need to lie to you, Ning Xiuran*?"

(*T/N: Since it's revealed that his surname is actually Ning, the stylization for his name will be changed to as such. Xiu is also a common surname character so I'd assumed it was his surname but turns out it's not the case. I suppose it had also served as a purpose to mislead.)

When Xiuran heard that name, he clenched his fist, looking to Jingguo Marquis in a cold manner, "What? Now you remember my surname is Ning? But sorry, I'm already no longer a child of the Ning family."

Jingguo Marquis saw Xiuran's attitude, and after a while, he finally softened up, "Though I don't want to say it, Su Yun certainly did return. Furthermore, his Majesty plans on holding the once a year Dragon Gate banquet at the end of the month. He even said, because Su Yun hasn't returned in three years, he was planning on fulfilling one of Su Yun's wishes."

"Oh!" Xiuran stroked his chin, as if he was pondering something.

"Xiuran, don't tell me you've decided to make a move during the Dragon Gate banquet?" Jingguo Marquis looked to him with a frown, "When the time comes, with that many guards, you'll definitely be in a bad situation."

"So what?" Xiuran raised his head to him, "At the bottom of it, when Qilian Qingyi send me here in the beginning, I was just a pawn. If I die, she won't be sad either."

"She's already the Empress now, no longer the Qilian Qingyi from before." Jingguo Marquis knew Xiuran had always harbored someone in his h

viously said.

Ning Siyao and Chai Yiyun also anxiously eyed these rewards. Not just Ning Siyao and Chai Yiyun, even Jiang Mengrou and Ye Jiqing looked on in anticipation.

According to Su Qingyan's usual personality in the past, she would certainly let these sisters chose first. That's why, in the end, some of the best items would more often than not, fall into other's hands.

Luo Bing also knew of Qingyan's disposition, but if it could make her daughter feel happy like this, she didn't care. These were all bestowed by his Majesty anyways.

"Fourth little sister, why don't you guess what first uncle got from his Majesty this time?!" Su Qingting looked on fixedly at those chests.

Qingyan smiled, "What, don't tell me third sister wants to know? But these are all father's reward for defending the border."

Just when Zizhu thought Qingyan would say she was going to give these things away to them, Qingyan instead grinningly spoke, "Zizhu, carry all these things to my yard." She looked to Su Yun, smiles piling on her little face, "Daddy, these are all rewards for daddy, right?"

Su Yun didn't expect Qingyan would say something like this. He patted her head, "Naturally these are all for daddy, and daddy is going to give all these things to you."

"Thank you, daddy." Qingyan turned around to Zizhu still grinning, "Zizhu, you heard, daddy's giving it all to me. So carry all these things to my yard."

"Understood." Zizhu directed the servants to carry everything to Yingshuang yard.

Seeing those people's reactions, Qingyan happily smiled, "Father, those things I'm going to leave to slowly select from."

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