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   Chapter 100 Appearance of a Corpse III

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7442

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"Yan'er, don't be afraid, elder brother will protect you." Su Qingyu patted Qingyan on the head.

Qingyan pretended to look scared and hid into Luo Bing's arms. When Su Yun heard these words, he frowned, "Let's go see just what is going on?"

But just before they could even step out of the yard, they caught a whiff of the scent of rotting flesh. Qingyan had already grown accustomed to this smell, and Su Yun and Luo Bing were both veterans of the battlefield, so towards this smell, they were also very familiar with.

However, Deng Yan felt very disgusted when she smelled this scent, and seeing her like that, Qingyan walked up next to her worried, "Yiniang, if you're unwell, how about taking Cong'er and fifth sister back first?" Qingyan patted her hand as she said this, signaling her to not worry.

Deng Yan glanced to Qingyan, and after excusing herself to Su Yun and Luo Bing, she left with Su Qingcong and Su Qingxue.

Qingyan followed Su Yun and walked up next to those corpses. At a glance, she immediately saw granny Ruo's corpse, and she quickly rushed up next to granny Ruo, crying, "Wet nurse, wet nurse, what's wrong? Why did you die here?"

Murong Jingxuan couldn't help but to admire this young girl's performance. This was all schemed by her originally, but in the end, the biggest winner was also her.

Luo Bing walked over next to Qingyan, helping her up, "Yan'er, is this really granny Ruo?" She looked to swollen corpse, frowning, "Why is granny Ruo dead in second sister-in-law's yard?"

"Mother, how come granny Ruo's dead?" Qingyan spoke as she buried her head into Luo Bing's arms.

Granny Ruo, since you were not benevolent, don't blame me for being heartless.

To have come to this today, you only have yourself to blame.

And I'm not afraid of you coming after me as an evil spirit.

But I'm afraid you won't have the chance.

"Yan'er, don't be afraid! This old slave died in second sister-in-law's yard can only mean that she and second sister-in-law have dealings. It's cleaner to be dead." Su Yun looked to granny Ruo and unapologetically scoffed.

"It seems we've embarrassed ourselves in front of the Fourth Prince and Shizi." Qingyan turned her head to look towards

n looked to her and curved her lip.

"Father, mother, Yan'er's tired. I want to go back and rest." Qingyan looked to Luo Bing and listlessly spoke.

Murong Jingxuan and Xuanyuan Yuzhen looked to the already darkened skies and spoke with a smile, "Since that's the case, we'll also retire."

Su Yun looked to Murong Jingxuan, and afterwards sent them away. When Xuanyuan Yuzhen was turning leave, he gazed to Qingyan and let out a vague smile.

"This girl sure has lots of crafty ideas." Xuanyuan Yuzhen looked to Murong Jingxuan with a smile. "Tonight has really made me open my eyes!"

"Yuzhen, looks like this girl is preparing to take on the Jingguo Marquis. She can also help you get rid of that bothersome old guy." Murong Jingxuan replied smiling.

"That's right, however, I want to know how she plans on taking care of the matter with Xiu Ran and the matter with Su Qingyuan." Xuanyuan Yuzhen said with a smile.

"These things, I think Yan'er has already thought over." The corner of his mouth curled up, "When needed, we can just add fuel to the fire."

Xuanyuan Yuzhen looked to Jingxuan and solemnly nodded, "You're right."

"However, according to the schedule, that Su Qingming should be arriving at the capital soon. I heard he gathered quite a bit of stuff on Su Yun."

"This, I also have heard. However, just exactly what he's learned, I still haven't found out yet. But if it's relating to Su Yun, then father also has his own arrangements as well."

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