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   Chapter 99 Appearance of a Corpse II

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7371

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Su Qingcong looked to Qingyan and let out a warm smile, "Fourth sister, you're so nice to me."

Qingyan looked to Qingcong also with a smile. When she looked up to everyone, she spoke with a smile, "Father, mother, go ahead and eat." She attentively placed all the things Qingcong liked into his bowl.

Murong Jingxuan didn't know why he felt a motherly glow coming from Qingyan. He knew he shouldn't be getting this kind of feeling from a young girl like her, but the girl in front of him unwittingly made him feel that way, like it was impossible to get rid of this feeling.

"I really didn't expect that Yan'er would be taken care of by Deng yiniang this whole time." Luo Bing looked to Deng Yan with a smile on her face. She'd always felt that there was a reason why Qingyan liked Su Qingcong, and that reason was most likely because Deng Yan had been looking after Qingyan.

"That's right, mother." Qingyan said with a smile, "Deng yiniang treats me really well, just like her own daughter. When second aunt and third aunt are mean to me, it's always Deng yiniang that shields me."

Deng Yan never thought that Qingyan would describe their relationship as such. She'd always assumed that Qingyan regarded her as an ally. Yet, she'd never thought that Qingyan had taken so much into consideration for her.

When she thought of this, Deng Yan lifted her head towards Luo Bing and Su Yun with a smile, "There's not much I can do. I'm only a concubine, I can't give the fourth miss anything."

Towards her reply, Qingyan curled her lips in satisfaction. "Father, mother, in the future let's get along with Deng yiniang lots, how about it? Moreover, I like Cong'er very much." Qingyan looked to Su Yun and Luo Bing with an eager look.

Seeing the satisfied smile on Qingyan's face, Luo Bing and Su Yun nodded.

"Cong'er, from now on, you can often come to big sister's yard!" Qingyan looked up to Su Qingcong with a smile, "Fifth sister can come too. I have lots of good books here. I can lend them all too fifth sister."

Hearing Qingyan say this, Luo Bing just knew Qingyan hasn't been living well in the manor. Perhaps in these three years, she simply never made any friends, and Ning Siy

n inwardly smirked. Su Yun's personality was very similar to Qilian General's in the past. That was they both were the very protective type, if he'd heard something like this, he'd certainly be very angry.

Ning Siyao listened to Su Yun's words, not repenting in the least, "Am I not right? Ever since the fourth girl woke from drowning, her personality has drastically changed. Have you never considered that this wench isn't your real daughter..."

Ning Siyao's personality flipped. Hearing these words from her, Su Ming gave her a slap across the face without even thinking, "What nonsense are you saying!"

"My lord, you hit me, you hit me!" Ning Siyao covered her face and angrily looked to Su Ming. "How can you still be shielding that wench at a time like this?"

"Enough!" Su Ming continued to coldly berate her. And as if realizing something, Ning Siyao suddenly went silent.

But just then, a small servant girl came to the yard trembling, "Madam, madam, those servant corpses we previously buried in the well are all display at the well opening right now."

It was just then that the small servant girl realized that there were others present. When she glanced over, she saw all those people standing there with a shocked face. And thus she could only pretend to faint.

When she heard this, Qingyan inwardly smiled. She tightly held onto Luo Bing's hand, "Mother, how could that be?" She pretended to be trembling, "Second aunt killed someone?"

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