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   Chapter 97 Reunion with Close Ones

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6978

Updated: 2018-09-09 11:23

When Su Yun and Luo Bing arrived at the city's gates, they received a warm welcome from all the common folks. That look appeared as if they had seen a legend.

But to these commoners, Su Yun was like a deity in their hearts. If it wasn't for Su Yun guarding over Qinzhou all these years, these common people would probably be living a destituted life.

Seems like that girl certainly has a way." Sitting inside Julong Zhai, Xuanyuan Yuzhen smiled when he saw this scene, "Now, I'm really quite looking forward to seeing how she will deal with the Qingguo Marquis manor."

"That girl has plenty of crafty ideas." Murong Jingxuan smiled as he said this, "However, this year's Dragon Gate banquet will definitely be unusually lively."

"That's naturally so." Xuanyuan Yuzhen began to twirl the jade ring on his finger, "The old man said, it's possible that he'll let Su Yun stay in the capital this year. As for the specific reasons why, it's probably because of those things Jingguo Marquis said. But the old man also said that he definitely won't take away the military rights in Su Yun's hands."

"Old man sure knows how to behave." Murong Jingxuan picked up the teacup and drank a sip of the tea, "But could the old man have discovered something?"

"The old man is very sharp." Xuanyuan Yuzhen looked to him and reluctantly spoke, "However, this year, royal aunt will also attend the Dragon Gate banquet."

"But the Grand Princess really likes Yan'er very much." Murong Jingxuan stroked his chin as he spoke, "Just don't know how Yan'er thinks of it."

"Master, miss let me come and ask, when can the dishes be sent to the yard?" Fengqing suddenly appeared and looked to Murong Jingxuan, politely asking.

"How about I invite you to come see a good show tonight?" Murong Jingxuan listened to Fengqing's words and smiled.

"Of course, I'd be very happy to watch a show." Xuanyuan Yuzhen knew that Murong Jingxuan was probably preparing to personally deliver the dishes. But even if Su Qingyan didn't like it, when the time comes, she won't be able to refuse.

"Alright th

not wish for big brother and sister-in-law's return?"

"That reminds me, second aunt, I remember father and mother's welcoming dinner is usually prepared by second aunt. I wonder what second aunt has prepared this time?" Qingyan looked to Ning Siyao and slowly spoke.

Ning Siyao instantly didn't know how to reply to this question, "I've been too busy lately I forgot about this matter."

"Oh!" Qingyan looked to Ning Siyao nonchalantly. "Then that's perfect, I've prepared a welcoming dinner for father and mother. Father, mother, why don't you come eat in my yard today?"

This slap directly sounded on Ning Siyao's face.

Ning Siyao glared to Qingyan with resentment, but Qingyan blatantly ignored her gaze.

"Yan'er, this is elder brother's gift to you." Su Qingyu appeared next to Qingyan dressed in armor, in his hand was a mink.

Su Qingyu looked to Qingyan, shyly scratching his head, "Yan'er, don't tell me you don't like this mink?"

When Qingyan looked up, she immediately pulled on Su Qingyu's arm, "That's not it, Yan'er loves the gifts from elder brother." She took the cage from him as she said this.

However, this made Su Qingyu become rather embarrassed. After all, Su Qingyan seemed to have never been this close with him before.

Seeing Su Qingyu's blushing cheeks, Qingyan laughed, "Elder brother, Yan'er is a grown lady now, don't feel embarrassed."

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