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   Chapter 95 Safe Return II

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The morning of the next day, when Su Yun and Luo Bing woke, they saw Qingdai and Chishao standing outside the cave. Watching their straightened figures, Su Yun and Luo Bing somewhat felt bad for them.

Hearing the sound from behind, Qingdai turned her head, "General, Madam, since you're awake, we can start setting out. I think miss already can't wait to see you."

Luo Bing and Su Yun looked to the two and nodded. Soon after, they left the cave together. Along the way, they didn't see any giant beasts appearing, rather they would occasionally see a few wild monkeys. And those monkeys also seemed to be following them, as if they were watching over them.

Unknown to what she saw, Qingdai who was walking in front, suddenly spoke to the people behind her, "General, Madam, in a moment, no matter what you see, don't feel alarmed."

Su Yun and Luo Bing nodded. They were veterans of the battlefields, what kind of things have they not seen. But before they could get very far, they saw what seemed to be an entire forest littered with disorderly corpses. And those corpses looked terrifying, missing head, missing limbs, and there were even some that had the internal organs clearly displayed.

Even Luo Bing, who was use to seeing the tragedies of war, couldn't help but to feel sick upon seeing this. She leaned against a tree trunk to the side and vomited right away.

These people's deaths were too bizarre and too suspicious. Could it be that these were the blood curdling cries they heard last night? But just what in the world could have made them like this?

If you were to say animal, wouldn't they just eat them directly? So then why did such a scene occur?

"General, Madam, if my guess is right, these people were probably the ones that wanted to harm you last night. This really is karma." Qingdai said with a disdained look, as if these people's lives, in her eyes, were like ants.

"Qingdai, just who do you think did this?" Luo Bing weakly spoke as she leaned onto Su Yun, "These people died too strangely."

Qingdai knew this was

lly since they were also unrivaled masters in Jianghu. However, if they can really confirm Su Qingyan's identity at that time, then it meant that they can already approve of her. This way, even if he gave the Seven Colored Lingyun snake to Su Qingyan, it wouldn't be a big deal.

Yaochi walked deeper into the forest and saw some wolves along with their pups gnawing on human bones. And as if they could sense something approaching, when he looked to them again, they'd all looked up instantly at the two.

When Yaochi looked to them, he instantly took off his top. The aura of the Azure Dragon clinging to his back easily appeared before them. When Yaochi looked to them again, he had his top back on. "Last night, who instructed you to act?"

"It was master." The small wolf walked up to Yaochi and nuzzled against him. "Master is a gentle person."

Yaochi crouched down and stroked its head, "Thank you."

Yaochi turned around to look to Liushang, "As I'd expected, the operation last night was ordered by someone."

Liushang looked to Yaochi's retreating back and quickly followed after, "Brother, but it can't be certain that it was instructed by Su Qingyan."

Yaochi turned to him and nodded, "That's why, regarding this bit, we can only personally confirm at the Dragon Gate Banquet."

Su Qingyan, are you really the reincarnation of the Pavilion Master?

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