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   Chapter 93 Death Trap in the Forest

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7882

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Xuanyuan Yuzhen and Yukai never thought that Qingyan would say something so shocking, and would make such a solemn vow like this. If it was anyone else, who would dare say something so blasphemous.

"I really would have never thought that Miss Su was this straightforward of a person." Xuanyuan Yuzhen looked to Qingyan with a smile, "Since that's the case, how do you want to deal with Jingguo Marquis?"

Qingyan looked out at the gradually darkening sky and then glanced back at the three of them, "If father, mother, and elder brother can return alive, then I will tell you how to get rid of the Jingguo Marquis manor along with its roots."

Xuanyuan Yuzhen had once also thought of sending people to protect Su Yun, but lastly was rejected by Murong Jingxuan. Murong Jingxuan said that Qingyan will have her own way of protecting her parents.

What Jingxuan said made sense, if she couldn't even protect her own parents, how will she be able to discuss eliminating the Jingguo Marquis manor. Furthermore, he was also looking forward to seeing whether or not she will succeed in this matter.

Qingyan brought out a flute from her sleeve. While she toyed with the flute in hand, she turned to the three of then with a smile, "How about I show you what 'Thousand Beasts worshiping the Phoenix' looks like again."

[Thousand Beasts and Phoenix] was played in segments. The first segment controlled the birds, the second controlled the land animals, and the third controlled the spiritual beasts*. The creatures in the Forest of Buried Souls, were all a part of the spiritual beast category. They absorb the essence of the sun and moon, gather the spiritual energy of the heaven and earth, and can definitely understand the deeper meaning behind the flute tune.

(*TN: Animals/creatures that are more 'magical' akin to mythical creatures.)

"However, I think you might not be able to see such a scene. I only want to control the spiritual beasts, thus I'll only play the third segment." Qingyan said as she brought the flute up to her lips.

The sky was gradually darkening, Su Yun along with Luo Bing could only light a single torch. But this kind of night, amidst the forest during such times, they couldn't even see clearly, let alone differentiate where was wet land and where was dry land.

In the dark, a cry for help was heard, and that cr

water. After waking up, her personality changed drastically. We're servants miss later found." These words were all taught to them by Qingyan.

If they said they'd come from the Seven Star Hall, then the two would probably be really worried about Qingyan's safety.

"Not only that! Miss had also suffered great injustice. That second house madam keeps constantly trying to harm miss." Chishao looked to Luo Bing and said, "However, Miss is very fortunate and was able to avoid it."

"Madam, miss has already grown up. So you don't need to worry. Miss is very happy right now." Qingdai recalled Qingyan's instructions and replied with a gentle look.

Luo Bing listened to the two of them and still couldn't help but to cover her mouth, "Seems Yan'er hasn't been living well these last three years." She said as she buried her head into Su Yun's arms, "It's all my fault, I wasn't able to take good care of her."

"Madam, don't blame yourself. If Miss knew, she would definitely be sad." Qingdai looked to Luo Bing with a gentle smile, "Miss said, as long as General and Madam can return together, it'll be the happiest thing for her."

"That's right! When we were leaving, miss was in the ancestral halls the whole time. She said she wanted to pray for Lord Su and Madam's safe return."

Su Yun had always assumed that there was another reason why Qingyan wasn't close with them. However, it seems this time, something must have happened for Qingyan to have this drastic of a change.

Seems second and third brother didn't really keep what he said to heart.

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