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   Chapter 92 Forest of Buried Souls IV

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7343

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Murong Jingxuan looked to her with a serious face and replied, "On the night Qilian Qingyan died, after hearing the news, King Rui immediately sent someone to rescue the Crown Prince and Princess from the palace. So there's a possibility that they've been raised by King Rui's side this whole time."

Weisheng Junmo, could he really have rescued her two children?

"But why is it that Nanchen didn't reestablish a new Crown Prince?" Qingyan asked with a frown.

"The specifics of the matter, I don't know. In any case, I only know that Weisheng Minning is still the Crown Prince." He said as he stoked her hair, "Don't worry, everything will all be fine."

Qingyan knew that this was Murong Jingxuan trying to comfort her. But if Weisheng Junmo did take away her children, then she also felt relieved. After all, he also liked those children very much.

He would definitely regard them like his own children.

"Murong Jingxuan, do you think I'll really be able to see my father, mother, and older brother return home safely at this time tomorrow?" Qingyan looked up to him with a hopeful look.

"Naturally, they'll definitely return home safely. Even if they had a hundred people, they wouldn't be a match for those animals. This bit, are you still not convinced?" Murong Jingxuan said as he lovingly pulled her into his embrace, "Don't need to worry."

Qingyan thought over what he said and felt it made a lot of sense. She got up, walked over to the desk, picked up the brush, and continued to copy the Diamond Sutra. This sutra she has already copied who knows how many times. But if her family can return home safely, then even if she has to copy it a hundred times, she was willing to.

"Yan'er, how about you don't copy the Diamond Sutra anymore today, I'll take you to get something good to eat." Murong Jingxuan scooped her delicate body into his arms, "My Julong Zhai came out with some new dishes today."

Before Qingyan could even object, Murong Jingxuan had already brought her out of her family's ancestral hall.

Feeling the cold breeze brush past her ear, Qingyan's gloomy mood seems to have also swept away with the wind.

"Do you feel better now?"

Hearing Mur

ople hasn't Qingyan seen. This kind of cold and detached person, she's seen more than enough. But she really didn't like this kind of naturally doubtful Xuanyuan Yuzhen from the bottom of her heart.

"Yuzhen, she's on our side, no need to doubt her." Murong Jingxuan reluctantly interjected. "I know your dream, moreover..." He glanced to Qingyan, before continuing, "She also knows your dream."

"Oh!" Xuanyuan Yuzhen turned to Qingyan, "Then let's hear Miss Su say what my dream is?"

"What's more alluring than the seat atop the world?" Qingyan looked back at him and calmly spoke, "Fourth Prince, am I right?"

Xuanyuan Yukai also knew this was Xuanyuan Yuzhen's goal. Even though on the surface they sided with the Crown Prince, they'd more or less tried to win over a few Imperial Ministers. But they very much understood in their hearts that they were all grooming themselves.

"That's right." Xuanyuan Yuzhen slowly spoke, "That's certainly my goal." He twirled the jade ring on his finger, "However, in the end, I'm just not confident I can leave this world in the hands of the Crown Prince or the other Princes."

Qingyan smiled. Although she'd only met those Princes of Donghe once, she already understood more than enough what kind of people they were. And for Xuanyuan Yuzhen to say these things, wasn't out of reason.

"Then I will help the Fourth Prince obtain this world. Help you conquer the other three kingdoms and unify the world."

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