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   Chapter 90 Forest of Buried Souls II

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7657

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Seeing this hairpin, Luo Bing's tears were about to fall. This was the hairpin she gave to her daughter. In the past, Qingyan would always wear it with her everywhere she went, but now it was in the hands of some terrible person. In other words, someone wanted to harm their Qingyan.

Just as she thought of this, Luo Bing looked to Su Yun with grief. Su Yun could only look to her with a helpless look. Who the other party was, they didn't have a way to find out, but it was very obvious that this was directly targeting them. Or rather, they knew Qingyan was their weakness and purposely did such.

Just who in the world this person was, they didn't know.

"Su Yun, if anything happens to Yan'er, I won't forgive you." Luo Bing angrily looked to him. However, at the end of it, she also didn't know who would deliver her this kind of message.

In the imperial court, Su Yun didn't have many established enemies, or rather it should be said that Su Yun still had some prestige in the imperial courts. After all, no one want to become enemies with someone that held military power.

It was clear that this person simply didn't care whether or not Su Yun held military power. And now that the Crown Prince's body wasn't well, everyone was on edge. It seems every prince all had the possibility of becoming the one to seize the throne.

And Su Yun just happened to be that delicious fat piece of meat, anyone would want to have a share. If they could get the military powers in Su Yun's hands as a bargaining chip, then that means they were already halfway to the throne.

Towards this bit, Su Yun knew very well in his heart. But he didn't understand one thing. Was it purely just for the sake of the military powers in his hand? Is that why they thought of using something of his daughter's to blackmail him? This person wanted to lure them into the forest, no doubt was it to lead them to their deaths.

"Luo Bing, don't worry. I think this may be a trap." Su Yun looked to Luo Bing with a serious look, "Although I don't understand those tricks and schemes of the imperial court, if a bystander were to bring this to us and asks us to enter the forest, then it could only explain one thing...."

When Luo Bing came to her senses, she looked to Su Yun, "In other words, that per

l after we get back to the Su manor."

Sun Bimeng looked to Granny Zhang and nodded, blushing in embarrassment, "If when the time comes, I really can become his woman, then I would be very happy."

Granny Zhang looked to her with a loving gaze. She lifted her hand and stroked her head, "Don't worry miss. When the time comes, I'll definitely make that General firmly stay by miss's side."

"Although big sister treats me so kindly, yet I...."

She really wanted to take Luo Bing's place. Just, she was afraid that day won't come.

Sun Bimeng looked to the red marking* on her arm. Towards her seduction, Su Yun seems to have completely paid no attention to. It was as if in his eyes, aside from Luo Bing, there was no one else. However, she once heard that the Su family was still very prestigious in Diqiu.

(*TN: Original term Shougongsha, is a marking in ancient China used to verify a woman's virginity. It's usually in the form of a red dot on the upper arm around the wrist. It's an medication that's applied on a young girl and said to only disappear when she's slept with a man.)

And if she could become the Mistress* of the Su manor, then she would never have to worry for the rest of her life. Regardless of how Su Yun treated her, as long as she can become the Mistress of the Su manor, even if she had to sacrifice a little, what's the harm? Moreover, she does like Su Yun.

(*TN: Clarification on the nuance: Mistress as in female owner or head lady of the house kind of sense and not concubine.)

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