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   Chapter 89 Forest of Buried Souls I

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7578

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Murong Jingxuan buried himself in her arms. Sometimes, he really wanted to meet his mother, even if just once, but he knew this was only something he could imagine. As to Jingshu's appearance, he didn't remember too clearly, but even so, she was still his mother who worries about him.

"Jingxuan, don't be sad." Qingyan patted him on the back with a smile, "You'll be happy."

Murong Jingxuan looked to her and held up her face, dropping a kiss on her forehead. "Yan'er, you know, sometimes I would feel really happy, because I know that you'll always be by my side."

Qingyan looked him and nodded earnestly, "I will always be at your side, that will never change."

"The matter with Xiu Ran, I'll tell the Fourth Prince. Counting the days, Su Yun should be back soon. You don't need to worry." Murong Jingxuan patted her on the back, "Everything will be fine."

Qingyan, seeing Murong Jingxuan slightly tired, nodded, "Okay."

He glanced to her one last time, before flying away.

Seeing Murong Jingxuan's figure in the distance, Qingyan walked over to her bed and closed her eyes. Last night, she didn't sleep for the whole night, and in addition to wasting so much time this morning, probably only with a good sleep, can she finally feel a bit at ease.

Just, father, mother, big brother, you all need to come back safely.


Meanwhile, somewhere five hundred li* away from the capital, an army was just setting up camp. A man dressed in armor was sitting by the campfire roasting a lamb, and sitting next to him was woman with her hair in a high bun. One look and you could tell she was a female general that could rival men. This couple was precisely Su Yun and Luo Bing.

(*TN: Li is an ancient measurement approximately 1 li is 500 meters.)

"Dear, we'll arrive at the capital soon. I wonder if Yan'er has been well these three years." Luo Bing look to Su Yun reluctantly and spoke, "From the beginning, I've said I wanted to keep her by our side, but you wouldn't agree."

"Don't worry, second sister-in-law and third sister-in-law will help us take good care of Yan'er." Su Yun carved out the roasting lamb leg and handed it Luo Bing.

Luo Bing looked to him and took the lamb leg from his hands, "But Yan

y servants*. After Su Jiashi died, she used some unknown methods to climb into the Su old general's bed. Although she had no children, she was still very good to the three brothers.

(*TN: Since in ancient times servants were considered property, the term basically means servants that are sent over with the bride and become property of the new family.)

At that time, Su Ming and Su Yan were still infants, so it was natural they didn't know about this matter, but Su Yun knew very clearly.

That's why Su Yun only had respect for the current Su Jiashi and didn't have the love and concern that one had for a mother.

"Dear, three hundred li from here will be the Forest of Buried Souls. I think when the time comes, we all need to be careful." Luo Bing looked to Su Yun and said with a serious look.

Su Yun held onto Luo Bing's hand and nodded, "Yu'er, when the time comes, we'll walk around the forest."

When Su Qingyu received the order, he earnestly nodded to the two of them, "Understood."

Su Yun and Luo Bing watched Su Qingyu's retreating back and looked at one another with a smile.

But just then, an arrow fell before them. On the arrow was a fabric pouch, and in it was a hairpin and a slip of paper.

Seeing the hairpin, Luo Bing tightly covered her mouth. This hairpin was exactly the one she personally put on Qingyan when she'd left in the beginning. And the words on the slip of paper proved this:

'If you want to save your daughter, come to the Forest of Buried Souls.'

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