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   Chapter 87 Ning Family Secret II

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After having breakfast, Qingyan took Zizhu alone with her to head to Julong Zhai. However, at first, when the people of Julong Zhai saw her, there was a bit of difficulties. But once she took out the command plaque, she was immediately escorted by the shopkeeper to the private room where Murong Jingxuan frequented.

And when she thought of the earlier troubles, she didn't know how the situation would play out in Murong Jingxuan's eyes.

When Murong Jingxuan saw Qingyan, he just happened to be drinking tea, and sitting next to him was precisely Xiu Ran, who she met at the talent conference.

"Next time, you don't need to appear here anymore." Murong Jingxuan looked to the shopkeeper and coldly raised his voice. Just when the shopkeeper wanted to explain, Murong Jingxuan still coldly retorted, "Get lost."

The shopkeeper wouldn't dare to go against Murong Jingxuan. Furthermore, if he had known Su Qingyan was Murong Jingxuan's person, he would have never let something like that happen.

"Yan'er, this is Xiu Ran, you've met before." Murong Jingxuan looked to Qingyan with a smile, "He's Nanchen's political hostage. Regarding matters of Nanchen, he also knows about to some extent."

Qingyan looked to Xiu Ran with a smile and nodded, "Hello, I'm Su Qingyan."

When Xiu Ran saw Qingyan, he still immediately matched her image with Qilian Qingyan, but he knew that the girl before him wasn't Qilian Qingyan.

"Didn't you say you wanted to know about the Ning family secrets?" Qingyan looked to Xiu Ran smiling.

Murong Jingxuan naturally understood what Qingyan meant by this. This meant she simply didn't trust Xiu Ran's character. Seeing Qingyan slightly frowning, Jingxuan reluctantly spoke, "Yan'er, Xiu Ran is on my side, you don't need to worry."

Qingyan smiled and looked to Xiu Ran. Even if he was someone who she once saved, at the moment, her eyes were full of detachment. She didn't believe in anyone.

She didn't believe in anyone other than Murong Jingxuan, particularly the mysterious and unpredictable Xiu Ran. Xiu Ran wasn't as simple as he looked on the surface. Back then, when she'd saved him, Yaochi also once commented this to her. But in the end, regarding Xiu Ran's background, she had yet to find any

tions did Xiu Ran have with the Ning family. Could it be that Wuan Marquis also has something to do with the Ning family? That's why Xiu Ran came to Donghe as the political hostage?

After Qingyan got back to her room, she took out a small booklet from a cupboard. The things written in this booklet were all the information obtained by the Thousand Beast Pavilion that year. Although some of the information were already expired, some insider information of past events weren't things that could be easily covered up.

Qingyan flipped through the records in the booklet, but only with information regarding Xiu Ran, she knew very little of. However, at that time, Xiu Ran seemed to have volunteered to go to Donghe to become the political hostage. Unless, Xiu Ran was Qilian Qingyi's person from the start.

Then everything was starting to make sense, but more importantly, when did Qilian Qingyi and Xiu Ran get together? Or rather, what made Xiu Ran willing to do such?

Just when Qingyan was contemplating, Murong Jingxuan's voice sounded next to her, "Yan'er, what are you thinking about?"

When she looked up, she saw Murong Jingxuan sitting on the window ledge, holding a blade of grass in his mouth. Before Qingyan could say anything, his voice sounded a second time, "You don't trust Xiu Ran, that's why you acted like that today. But even now, I still don't understand why you don't trust Xiu Ran. From the start, weren't you the one that arranged for Xiu Ran to be sent to Donghe?"

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