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   Chapter 85 A Tiger's Roar, a Wolf's Howl III

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When Murong Jingxuan felt a scent of blood hit his nose, he immediately lifted Qingyan's arm and found that her arm was bleeding, "Yan'er, what did you do?"

Qingyan looked to her arm and then to her nails, "Perhaps it was by accident, I didn't feel anything..."

He lightly flicked her on the forehead, "You really know how to make one worry."

"Murong Jingxuan, if I were to uproot the entire Jingguo Marquis manor, what do you think will happen to Ning Siyao?"

"Yan'er, Ning Siyao is already married to Su Ming, even if something were to happen to the Jingguo Marquis manor, it shouldn't affect Ning Siyao." Murong Jingxuan explained as he brought out an ointment and applied it on to where it was bleeding.

Qingyan looked to him and shook her head, "But that way, Ning Siyao will be alone without support."

"Yan'er how do you plan on taking care of the Jingguo Marquis manor?" He looked to Qingyan smiling, "However, regarding that matter with Jingguo Marquis Manor, there isn't much information that the Fourth Prince was able to dig up. Even the information our Seven Star Hall received isn't a lot. If were to forcibly get rid of them, there's a possibility of endangering the Su manor as well."

Qingyan coldly snorted again, "That's because you all simply don't know that Ning Changze is someone from Nanchen. Or rather, it should be said, Ning Changze is the descendent of the Ning family of Nanchen."

Murong Jingxuan was taken aback by this sudden news, "How do you know Jingguo Marquis is Nanchen's spy?"

When Qingyan looked towards Murong Jingxuan, she had raised the corner of her mouth, lightly parting her red lips, "Because I was once the Xianyi Empress!"

Seeing Qingyan like that, Murong Jingxuan couldn't help but to tightly hold her hand. How deeply that dream had affected her, he would never know, but he knew very well in his heart that the young girl before him wasn't Qilian Qingyan. She wasn't the Xianyi Empress, who'd fallen from the high clouds into the bottom of an abyss; she was just the Su manor's fourth miss.

"Jingxuan, I'm fine." Feeling his hand tightening around hers, she lifted her head up with a gentle smile. "I'm not bearing all the burdens alone by myself, I have you here with me."

Hearing those words, Murong Jingxuan instinctively let out a smile in

ed for a moment, and after a while, it rubbed against her arm again, "Master, don't worry, we will definitely go to protect your parents."

Qingyan looked to the wolf king, and couldn't help but to pull it into her embrace, "Thank you very much."

Even if Qingyan had thousands of words in her heart, she didn't know how to express it. After all, some things were still inherently different for humans and animals, especially under circumstances like these.

After discussing the matter with the wolf king, the white tiger once again brought Qingyan back to the place where she separated from Murong Jingxuan earlier. When Murong Jingxuan saw her, he just knew she'd already succeeded.

"Seeing you like that, I just know you've succeeded." Murong Jingxuan walked up next to her and smiled.

Qingyan faced him and nodded, "That's right. Plus, the wolf king treated me very well."

"Natural born fate of the Phoenix, the thousand beasts worship the phoenix. How could it not treat you well." Murong Jingxuan replied, still with a smile. "But regarding that matter from before with the Jingguo Marquis, you know far more than what we do."

Qingyan smirked, "The Thousand Beast Pavilion is also an organization that collects information. In addition, its headquarters is established in Nanchen. That's why they certainly know more than you all."

Naturally, Murong Jingxuan understood very well what Qingyan was implying with her words. He looked to her, furrowing his brows, "Then how did you find out Jingguo Marquis is from Nanchen?"

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