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   Chapter 84 A Tiger's Roar, a Wolf's Howl II

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7371

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Hearing Fengshuang's words, Murong Jingxuan also felt he had a point. At the time, both the black and silver python were rescued from that forest when he was passing by. The nearby residents of the forest slaughtered pythons for fun, but eventually suffered from the python's retaliation. Afterwards the inhabitants gradually became sparse, and thus the forest got its name.

"Heibei*, do you think it's possible?" Murong Jingxuan glanced to Heibei, and it too looked back, flickering its tongue, as if it was agreeing to his words.

(*TN: Black-back, I suppose it's also its species name.)

However, at that moment, Fengqing suddenly appeared before them, "Master, not good, young miss has disappeared?"

When he heard those words, Murong Jingxuan stood up at once, "What did you just say? Yan'er is missing?"

Seeing Murong Jingxuan's angry appearance, Fengqing gulped, "Master, I didn't do my best to protect her."

Murong Jingxuan looked to Fengqing and asked in a low voice, "Just what happened?"

Fengqing could only explain everything that had happened to Murong Jingxuan. For some reason, he had dozed off for a while, and when he woke, he found that Su Qingyan was already gone.

"Other than that, did you discover anything else?" Murong Jingxuan still spoke coldly.

"Other than that, the white tiger and silver python that usually followed by her side were missing too. Do you think this was specifically aimed at the young miss?"

After hearing what Fengqing said, Murong Jingxuan felt rather relieved. He had kept the silver python by his side for more than ten years, towards its nature, he was more than understanding of.

Other than Su Qingyan leaving the yard herself, even with just the silver python, no one would be able to break into Su Qingyan's room. Not to mention, she also had that white tiger by her side.

"Heibei, can you sense where the silver python is at?" Murong Jingxuan glanced to the black python on the floor.

Hearing the silver python's name, Heibei got up as if it was energized all over. Heibei once again flickered its tongue, telling Murong Jingxuan to crawl on its back. Murong Jingxuan did as it said, and afterwards, the python disappeared

m Yun'er that on their way back they will pass through this forest, and large beasts appear in this Forest of Buried Souls. If they are to be purposefully drawn into this forest, even you and I, might not be able to walk out, let alone my father and mother."

"You're right. I reckon they've probably already set up an ambush in the forest. And those animals typically attack hostile humans. Once the two sides begin fighting, it was possible for the people on either side to get hurt. However, for the other side, they're directly aiming for Su Yun's life, so they simply wouldn't care how many of their people die." Murong Jingxuan looked to Qingyan and give his opinion on the matter.

"That's right. That's why in the end, the ones to get hurt could only be my parents." Qingyan tightly clenched her fist. "Although, for the time being, we don't know who the spy in the army is, I'm really quite surprised at Ning Siyao's schemes."

"You know this is by Ning Siyao?"

Could it be that his Yan'er had the ability to predict the future and was able to foresee even this kind of thing?

"Heh." Qingyan coldly laughed, "Right now, aside from Ning Siyao, who else has the intention of attacking my parents? Naturally, Ning Siyao didn't have a way, but behind her stood the entire Jingguo manor. Looks like the Jingguo manor can't stay anymore." Qingyan tightly clenched her fist as she said this. The blood slowly dripped from where her nails dug into the skin.

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