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   Chapter 83 A Tiger's Roar, a Wolf's Howl I

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Seeing the tree completely empty, Qingyan seemed to have taken a load off her mind. If her intuition just now was correct, then the one that appeared on the tree earlier must be Yaochi.

And if you were to ask why Qingyan was so sure, it was mostly because Yaochi carried an innate scent on him. This scent, others were unable to sense it, but she could still sense it.

Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and Black Tortoise. Among the four guardians of the Thousand Beast Pavilion, the only one she regarded highly was the Azure Dragon alone. The name Yaochi was also bestowed onto him by Qilian Qingyan. And with his status as her protector, he also became Qilian Qingyan's personal imperial bodyguard.

But unlike Fengqing, who was considered a shadow guard, Yaochi followed by her side closely.

Her martial art skills were not as good as theirs, so Yaochi would patiently teach her mind techniques to refine her skills.

To Qilian Qingyan, Yaochi wasn't just a simple bodyguard, but rather his existence was like that of an older brother to her.

Yet in the end, when she was faced with a predicament, she was unwilling to drag him down with her. Because in her eyes, only Yaochi was able to bring the entire Thousand Beast Pavilion under control.

But she'd never thought that it would become a regret that Yaochi was unwilling to put down.

And, to an assassin, resolve was a very good thing.

But she knew that in the end, Qilian Qingyan was no more. Whether or not Yaochi would become her close bodyguard now, she didn't know.

She was Su Qingyan. The former Qilian Qingyan was no longer here.

Furthermore, she didn't how to explain all this to Yaochi. The only thing she could do was to quietly wait for an opportunity to arrive. Perhaps, when she becomes the second Thousand Beast Pavilion Master, will everything finally have change.

And the thing she needed to do now was to wait.

When Zizhu pushed opened the door, she saw Qingyan absentmindedly sitting there alone, in front of her desk. Sometimes she really felt she was unable to make sense of her more and more.

Ever since the young miss woke from almost drowning, it was like she'd become another person. But after having interacted with her during this time, she also felt that this miss was still the same mis

nd the others could encounter an ambush on the way back to the capital.

"Are you certain its someone from the Fifth Prince?" Murong Jingxuan asked the black python before him in a low voice.

This black python flickered its tongue like it was replying, "Yes, I've intercepted his letters many times."

With that said, the python spat out many envelopes.

However, when Murong Jingxuan opened the letters, he found that the one the spy was communicating with was the current eldest son of the Jingguo Marquis manor. And in the letter, they'd actually described in detail to steal away Su Yun's military rights on their way back to the capital, and to kill him without a trace.

After reading the letters, Murong Jingxuan threw a piece of high quality pork meat to the python. "I recall wild animals roam the Forest of Buried Souls, seems they've played quite a good game of chess." He tightly clenched his fist.

"Master, should we let Shizi Consort know of this matter?" Suddenly, Fengshuang and Fengluo appeared before him, "Or should we directly dispatch people to protect General Su and the others?"

"It's not convenient for us to act. The Xuanjia army in my hands are not suited to be dispatched at this time." Murong Jingxuan tapped the table as he contemplated.

"Master, I know there's a nest of pythons residing in the Forest of Buried Souls. They mainly devour humans for food. If we can get them to help protect General Su, do you think it'll work?" Fengshuang glanced to the python coiled to the side as he spoke.

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