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   Chapter 82 Yaoyao is Poisoned III

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Qingyan looked to Liangchen with a smile, "My, isn't this Jiang yiniang's Liangchen. Our miss usually likes vegetables, but it's not like you don't know that our miss is also raising a bunch of small animals." She took a step forward, still carrying a smile on her face, "And right now the small fox is hungry, so miss told me to come get a chicken to feed it."

When Liangchen saw Qingyan, she couldn't help but to take a step back. Afterwards, she spoke in surprise, "Your miss feeds all the chickens to the fox?"

That arsenic will only show evidence of poisoning after lingering in a person's body after days and months. But if a small animal were to eat it, who knows what will happen.

"I know right." Qingyan still had a smiling face, "I don't have time to say anymore, miss might even scold me when I get back."

After taking a few steps Qingyan glanced back to the retreating figure of Liangchen in the distance. Even if it was just a slight stagger from Liangchen, Qingyan still noticed it.

Qingdai watched Qingyan turn to leave the backyard and quickly followed after, "Miss, are you not going investigate anymore?"

Qingyan looked to her and shook her head, "We already know who did it, what's the point in investigating anymore." With that said, she began walking forward.

Jiang Mengrou, since you want to treat me as such, then don't blame me for being merciless.

"Miss, why do I feel that Liangchen isn't some good person. It really is like master, like servant." Qingdai said in disdain.

Qingyan turned around to look at Qingdai, "Then what Qingdai means is that I'm not a good person either?"

Qingdai looked to her and shook her head, "Of course not, our miss is gentle and kind little darling. If I was a man, I would definitely want to take miss for a bride."

Qingyan looked to Qingdai helplessly, "Could it be that lately you've been reading those romance playwrights with Fengqing? I can't believe you would even say words like little darling."

Qingdai giggled, not knowing how to reply to Qingyan.

Qingyan glanced to the speechless Qingdai and thought of what she'd just said, letting out a reluctant smile.

If I was a man, then perhaps I wouldn't marry such a cold-blooded woman like myself.

A girl like her who was not only cold-blooded, but also ruthless.

Every incident and matter, which ones were not of her own design.

Yet she stood by like an observer, coldly

es and no."

Seeing Yaochi in a daze, Liushang just knew he was thinking of Qilian Qingyan again. It was as if Qilian Qingyan had became Yaochi's greatest regret that he was unable to let go of.

Even if that person was already long gone.

"What do you mean yes and no?!" Anying looked to Yaochi and spoke out in frustration, "Could it be...."

Yaochi didn't wait for Anying to finish speaking, before speaking himself, "That Miss Su certainly have some resemblance to our Mistress on her, especially that small fox. But if she really is our Mistress, then in the beginning, why didn't she come to the Thousand Beast Pavilion for help?"

Liushang walked up next to Yaochi and patted him on the shoulder, "Brother, do you still remember the rules of the Thousand Beast Pavilion?"

Hearing Liushang say this, Yaochi frowned, "Naturally, I remember. The Thousand Beast Pavilion's rules...." Yaochi stopped in his tracks, and as if he'd just remembered something, he looked up to Liushang, "Are you saying, the Miss is waiting for an opportunity, and this opportunity is the blood jade?"

Liushang looked to him and nodded in all seriousness, "I'm afraid so." Liushang recalled back to what Qingyan softly whispered into his ears that day. "And if a blood jade really were to appear, then it just means that that person also knows the specifics of the matter."

Anying immediately thought of Yunhen, but that Yunhen always appears and disappears without a trace and was practically a mysterious existence. And now, just where would they have to go to find that Yunhen to resolve the questions in their heart.

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