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   Chapter 81 Yaoyao is Poisoned II

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7069

Updated: 2018-08-22 15:49

Fengqing knew how much Qingyan cared for that little fox. After he disappeared in front of Qingyan, he quickly found Murong Jingxuan and Chonglou.

When Chonglou saw the little fox in Qingyan's arm, he could only reluctantly look at it. After all, he usually only treats people. Although he understood the situation of animals very well, it didn't mean that he liked these small animals.

But to save face for Murong Jingxuan, he needed to help in this matter no matter what.

"Chonglou, do you know what Yaoyao is poisoned with?" Qingyan looked to him and impatiently asked.

Yaoyao usually doesn't like to eat other things, but as to a chicken a day, they were still able to provide it. That's why Yaoyao's meal everyday was only a chicken. These chickens were also raised in Su manor's yard, and because it was also used for people's food, she never thought it would be a big problem.

And now something like this occurred; this was clearly evident that someone wanted to make life difficult for Qingyan, or rather had a grudge against the Su manor.

In this entire Su manor, aside from Ning Siyao and Chai Yiyun, who else saw her as a thorn? Deng Yan was on her side, and Chai Yiyun didn't plan on doing anything recently. As for Ning Siyao, she should already be busy with Su Qingyuan's matter at hand.

For someone to do something like this, could it be the second house's concubine---Jiang Mengrou?

"Miss, Yaoyao should be fine for now. Luckily, it only ingested a bit of arsenic. But how did it get poisoned with arsenic." Chonglou looked to Su Qingyan with a confused look, hoping she could give an explanation. But at the moment, Qingyan really was too hungry and didn't know how to explain.

Qingyan looked to Chonglou and shook her head, "Yaoyao only eats one chicken a day, I'm afraid the problem lies in the chicken."

When Chonglou turned to him, Murong Jingxuan nodded in response, "Yan'er, those so called chickens are the ones raised in the backyard?"

Listening to Murong Jingxuan's words, Qingyan nodded, "Huangcen, take Chonglou to the backyard and see if you can find anything

y, I'll definitely go find you."

Murong Jingxuan took Chonglou with him and left, jumping over the walls. But in that moment, he felt a pair of eyes staring into him. However, when he turned to look, he couldn't find anything there, only the dense tree leaves.

"Miss, do you need me to call that girl over?" Zizhu looked to the absentminded Qingyan and asked.

Qingyan shook her head, "No need, we can personally go there ourselves."

Though she said she was going to go herself, Qingyan still changed into Huangcen's appearance with Baizhi's help. Usually, only Huangcen can go fetch those ingredients in the backyard.

And the one that went with her was Qingdai.

"Miss, why did you change into Huangcen's identity to come investigate?" Qingdai asked in a soft whisper.

Qingyan looked to her and smiled, "When this matter is settled, I'll tell you." With that said, she pulled Qingdai's arm and headed to the backyard.

"Oh my, isn't this the fourth miss's Huangcen? How come you're here again today? Don't tell me your miss only eats meat."

Qingyan turned her head towards the voice and saw it was Jiang Mengrou's servant, Liangchen. And that mocking tone of hers made Qingyan smile, seems like her guess was mostly correct.

Jiang Mengrou, since you want to challenge me, then it seems it shouldn't be a problem if I send you a little gift.

But just what should I send as a gift?

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