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   Chapter 80 Yaoyao is Poisoned I

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Regarding their request, although Liushang felt very reluctant, there was nothing he could do about it. After all, they all wanted to come verify whether what he said was true or not. Above all, they were also very excited to meet the young girl named Su Qingyan.

"Liushang, are you sure that girl can play [Thousand Beasts and Phoenix]?" Yanmei looked to Liushang still with doubt. Along the way, Liushang didn't really say much about the matters regarding that girl to them.

Liushang looked to Yanmei and reluctantly spoke, "You'll know when the time comes. You have to know, Donghe is where the Seven Star Hall's headquarters is located. Your appearance isn't a good thing."

Yanmei looked to Liushang and laughed, "So what? Within Diqiu, aside from Fengqing, no one else can be considered my opponent."

"Boss, that's you. Who doesn't know in this Jianghu, your skills are second only to Fengqing. The rest of us naturally fall behind others, not to mention there's less of us." Anying looked to Yanmei with a reluctant look, "Fourth brother and I don't have that kind of talent."

"But even so, elder brother, do you think there's something strange about this matter?" Yanmei glanced to the pondering Yaochi and asked in a serious tone. "It's be great if those animals were here as well, that way they can also verify that girl's identity."

Yaochi turned to the three of them and waved his hand, "No matter, I heard that the Dingguo General will be returning to the capital shortly. If we can experience that girl's abilities firsthand at the Dragon Gate Festival, then perhaps we can be sure."

"Dragon Gate Festival?" Liushang helplessly frowned, "Don't tell me you want to appear at the Dragon Gate Festival? That's not possible."

Yaochi rolled his eyes at Liushang, "We can't go publicly, secretly is no good either, what do you think we do for a living!?"

Liushang looked to Yaochi's glare and could only keep the words to himself. When it comes to speaking, he didn't really rank that high. After all, he was not good with words.

"Liushang, don't you need to give that miss the Seven Colored Lingyun Snake? When the time comes, we can just confirm from afar." Anying looked to the other three and voiced his opinion. But what he got in return was an annoyed look from Yaochi and Yanmei.

Liushang looked to Anying and reluctantly shook his head, "I only felt that her behavior was a

re. However, your master perhaps would be more than happy if I help him get rid of this pawn." Su Qingyan glanced to the previously set chessboard. She picked up a white piece and ate one of the black piece. "If the fallen one has no regrets, then who will strive with me!"

"Huangcen! I want to eat something light today. Prepare some chicken skin and bamboo shoot porridge for me, along with some small dishes."

"Miss, I saw that your appetite hasn't been good these days, so I prepared for you a porridge with yam, lily, and dates, what do you think miss?"

Qingyan knows that Huangcen's skills were good, so she nodded with a smile, "Naturally it's fine, Huangcen is always so thoughtful."

"What are you saying miss, I'm very happy to be able to serve miss. I'll go get it right away." With that said, Huangcen ran out Qingyan's room.

"Miss, Yaoyao looks like it's sick. No matter how we tease it, it doesn't respond." Baizhi came in, carrying Yaoyao in her arms.

Qingyan took Yaoyao into her arms and ruffled its fur, "Yaoyao, what's wrong with you?"

The small fox weakly nuzzled Qingyan's arm, "Master, I don't feel well. I think I ate a chicken, and afterwards Yaoyao feels painful." That said, it passed out in Qingyan's arms.

Qingyan listened to Yaoyao's words and then looked up to Baizhi, "Baizhi, what did you give Yaoyao to eat earlier?"

"I didn't give it anything to eat! But I did see there was some bones next to it earlier, perhaps it ate a chicken."

"Fengqing." Qingyan called out into the air, "Go get me Murong Jingxuan and Chonglou. I think Yaoyao is poisoned."

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