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   Chapter 78 Counterattack II

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At a glance, Huixiang saw the bandages wrapped around Qingyan's head. She studied the bandages and asked in concern, "Miss, were you bullied? Why suddenly the bandages?"

Qingdai complained in a scornful tone, "It's that second madam. This morning, she came to miss's yard, going crazy and suddenly throwing rocks at our miss."

Qingyan touched the wound on her forehead and looked to Qingdai, retorting, "Qingdai, it's not as serious as you say it is. Second aunt didn't mean to hit me."

Huixiang brought Qingyan with her to Meixiang yard, and along the way, she explained the situation thus far to Qingyan.

In her heart, Qingyan very well knew what had happened. After all, she was there to witness such an erotic scene, but wasn't this exactly the result Ning Siyao wanted?

She was merely adding fuel to the fire, pushing along the waves, what fault did she have?

Qingdai followed behind Qingyan, pulling Wei mama along. When Qingyan got to the yard, she saw Su Jiashi sitting at the main seat, very dignified. And next to her was the sound of Ning Siyao crying, along with Su Ming and Su Yan's voice, criticizing Qingyan. However, she wasn't the slightest bit concern over any of this.

"Yan'er is here to greet grandmother." Qingyan faced Su Jiashi with a formal bow.

"How dare you, you ingrate! Hurry up and kneel down! Return my Yuan'er's innocence!" Before Su Jiashi could even speak, Su Ming's harsh cold voice had already sounded.

Qingyan looked up to glance at Su Ming and spoke with a smile, "Second uncle, and exactly what is Qingyan guilty of?"

Su Yan pointed directly to Qingyan, cursing in a rage, "You dare to set up Qingyuan, more than guilty!"

"Oh?" Qingyan raised a brow, "When did I ever harmed big sister?"

"You little lowlife, why haven't you knelt yet?" Su Ming originally wanted to give Qingyan a kick, but Qingyan managed to avoid it in time.

"Since second uncle says I've done something wrong, then you need to bring out some evidence, else I'm afraid, it's difficult to convince the crowd." Qingyan faced Su Ming with a warm smile on her face. "Furthermore, Qingyan doesn't know what crime Qingyan's guilty of either?"

"Enough!" Su Jiashi looked to Su Ming, who was just about to say something, and berated in a cold voice. When she looked to Qingyan, there was also an inquisitive look in her eyes, "Yan'er, now that s

al, unable to pay my respect to them anymore." As she said that, she stabbed the blade into her chest, "Grandmother, if you are still unwilling to believe Qingyan even now, then I don't have anything more to say either."

Su Jiashi never thought that Qingyan's character would be this unyielding and resolute. Seeing the fresh blood gushing out from her chest, Su Jiashi loudly yelled out to Huixiang, "Quickly go get the doctor!"

"Grandmother, Qingyan is unfilial." With that said, Qingyan slowly collapse onto the ground.

Su Ming and Su Yan never thought that Qingyan would do this either. He was beginning to think that Ning Siyao most likely wasn't telling him the whole truth, that's why the situation developed like this.

Seeing Qingyan collapse onto the ground, Su Jiashi didn't have the time to worry about Ning Siyao. She could only ponder as someone placed Qingyan onto the bed, hoping at a time like this nothing bad will happen to Qingyan.

If anything were to happen to Qingyan at a time like this, how was she going to face her son, her elder sister, and the entire Piaoji General manor.

As for the doctor, Qingyan had already arranged beforehand for Chonglou to come. Chonglou looked to the young girl lying on the bed, helplessly shaking his head, "If his Highness, Shizi, were to find out, who knows what kind of scene that will be."

But perhaps, even Murong Jingxuan wouldn't know how to deal with this person before him either. Furthermore, she was unwilling to die at a time like this, and sometimes, betting one's own life, wasn't such a bad idea.

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