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   Chapter 75 Sunrise Behind Parting Clouds I

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Qingyan didn't expect that Murong Jingxuan would know that Liu Shang was someone from the Thousand Beast Pavilion. She narrowed her eyes as she looked to the young man before her, "Jingxuan, you probably have many things you're keeping from me, right? Those girls you sent me all seem to be trained in martial arts."

Murong Jingxuan looked to her and nodded, "Let's hear your thoughts."

After glancing to him, Qingyan poured out everything she wanted to say, "Fengqing once said that no one could rival him within Diqiu. And on this Jianghu, for him to be able to say something like that, he would be none other than someone from the Seven Star Hall. Even Xianyi Empress's Qinglong* didn't have the ability to say something that back then."

(*TN: The Azure Dragon, not sure if it's just his name or he's literally an azure dragon in human form.)

Murong Jingxuan attentively listened to her and nodded, "And then?"

Qingyan watched his expression and continued speaking, "Qingdai and Chishao both seem to be well trained, in addition to Fengqing's martial art seeming to be Seven Star Hall's unique martial art technique, and him being your shadow guard..." Qingyan paused for a moment before continuing.

"Before Xianyi Empress's death, on this jianghu, exists only two powerful organizations. One was the Thousand Beast Pavilion, founded by Xianyi Empress. And the other was the mysterious Seven Star Hall."

After organizing all her thoughts once more, Qingyan began to speak again, "Jingxuan, you must be the Seven Star Hall's master."

Murong Jingxuan carefully studied her expression and nodded, "Your guess is correct. I'm the Seven Star Hall's Hall Master."

Hearing Murong Jingxuan confess to this, Qingyan smiled, "Thank you for not lying to me."

Murong Jingxuan endearingly pulled her into his embrace, "Why would I lie to you? There's no need to."

Qingyan listened to his words and buried her head into his chest, "Jingxuan, are you sure you won't regret accepting me?"

"Of course not." Murong Jingxuan spoke as if he was making a vow, "Do you really not trust your husband?"

Qingyan nodded, "There are times when it doesn't feel genuine, times where it feels you think I'm insane. After all, I can see Qilian Qingyan's soul."

"That's because Xianyi Empress still

er than to protect yourself."

Qingyan stared at the young man before her and wrapped her arms around his waist.

There once was also a young man that said the same thing to her. Back then, she thought she would become the happiest woman in this world.

But in the end, she finally understood that not everything could rival against reality.

Especially since they all carried different burdens of their status.

"Jingxuan, do you know Weisheng Junmo?" Qingyan carefully pushed away Jingxuan as she stared at the flames and softly spoke, "Weisheng Junmo and Qilian Qingyan were childhood friends that became lovers, but in the end, they were broken up by Weisheng Junyan. It wasn't until the end, did Qilian Qingyan finally understood that the title of 'Empress' had become her lifelong nightmare."

Murong Jingxuan ran his hands through her black hair, whispering, "Weisheng Junmo never married because of her. After Xianyi Empress passed away, he established the Eight Trigram Sect. The people of this sect purposefully goes against Nanchen; wherever they go, not a single life remains. On this Jianghu, they are considered both a just and evil organization."

While Qingyan listened to his words, her heart mysteriously began to ache. A man who was once so gentle, just what did he do for him to have become like this now.

Does love really make people go blind? Or could it be, he was regretting that he shouldn't have so easier let go of Qilian Qingyan's hand.

But at the end of it, neither of them could go back.

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