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   Chapter 74 Yi Brothel II

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7443

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Murong Jingxuan brought Qingyan with him to a place; it was precisely the place he spoke of earlier. He held her in his arms, sitting atop a tree. It was considered a brightly lit place, but she could feel that all the men there were not that simple.

Especially for men who'd never seen a woman before.

It was possible for Qingyan to imagine what kind of scenario that was, to helplessly watch as your own wife was violated by others. As the husband, what kind of feelings did he have?

Qingyan watched as a man in black threw Su Qingyuan into their lair. Those men stared at the messily dressed Su Qingyuan before them, then looked back to the man in black.

"Young master, do you need something?" One man walked out and looked to the man in black, asking in a polite tone.

The man in black glanced to Su Qingyuan lying on the ground and smiled, "This is a present from the master, better not let her die, master still have some use for her."

At a glance, the man could already tell that the girl before him was no longer a virgin. While he undoubtedly disliked that kind of girl very much, he glanced back to those beast like men behind him. He raised his clear cold voice, "Remember, don't let her die."

Those men looked to their leader and diligently nodded, then afterwards all flocked on to her. As for the man in black and their leader, the two quietly watched the scene from the sidelines.

Several times during, Su Qingyuan was awoken by the pain, but before she could realize what was happening, she would fall unconscious once more.

Eventually, those men had their full and left her body. But Su Qingyuan had already been defiled beyond recognition, her stark naked body lie on top the grass. You could no longer tell she was still that high and mighty eldest daughter of the Su family.

"Young master, it's already finished, and according to your wishes, this woman is still alive." The man that was the leader continued to face the man in black with a respectful attitude, yet what was written on his face was full of distaste.

However, he was more than happy to do more businessses like this, this way his subordinates can also focus on their work more.

"Master, what you've asked of has

"To think that Shizi also knows how to start a fire, you've really opened my eyes."

Murong Jingxuan blew out the sparks in the lighter and sat down next to Qingyan smiling, "Not only can I start a fire, I also know how to roast things."

A gust of cold wind blew by and she let out a sneeze. Without a word, Murong Jingxuan took off his cloak and draped it across her shoulders, "I forgot that your body has yet to fully recover."

Seeing him so serious, Qingyan helplessly shook her head, "Jingxuan, I've said before, this isn't your fault."

Murong Jingxuan pulled her into his embrace, "I know. If I could have appeared before you earlier, then perhaps you wouldn't have become like this."

Qingyan buried herself into his chest and chuckled, "If it was like that, then you wouldn't have met me. And I wouldn't have met Xianyi Empress either."

He looked to her and nodded.

Qingyan was right. If they'd met earlier, then perhaps the one he would've come to known would be the foolish Su Qingyan, and not the such high spirited Su fourth miss in his arms right now.

"Yan'er, in the next few days, we'll most likely hear news of the seven toxins that you wanted me to find for you. But I'd never thought that Liu Shang would return to the Thousand Beast Pavilion just to get the Seven Colored Lingyun Snake for you. I recall it's a rare species raised by the Thousand Beast Pavilion." Murong Jingxuan turned to her and affectionately scraped the tip of her nose.

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