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   Chapter 73 Yi Brothel I

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Ning Siyao stayed for a bit to talk to Su Qingyuan, before turning to leave Qingyuan's yard. Seeing Ning Siyao turning to leave, Su Qingyuan let out a faint smile.

Meanwhile, after the man in black confirmed that everyone in Yingshuang yard didn't know martial arts, he lit a sleep incense outside the door. And just as he wished, everyone fell unconscious from the sleep incense.

He carefully pushed opened the door to Su Qingyan's room and very quickly discovered Su Qingyan laying on the bed. At that moment, Qingyan was currently wearing an obscene dress. That appearance made even the man in black's heart beat uncontrollably, but he knew that this girl before him needed to be sent to Yi Brothel.

Although he really wanted to have a taste, he also knew that he couldn't lose his footing here. In a daze, Su Qingyuan felt that she was seeing a silhouette, and just when she was about to call out, the man shoved in a handkerchief, tightly covering her mouth.

After swallowing his saliva, he took Su Qingyuan away.

At the same time, a pair of eyes fixedly stared at the man in the dark. But it had already received orders to not attack this person, so it had to restrain itself this whole time.

All the way until the man in black disappeared from Yingshuang yard, did the people in the yard finally all wake up.

"Zizhu, do you think miss shouldn't have done this?" Huangcen looked to Zizhu and helplessly asked, "After all, that was still the first miss of our manor!"

Zizhu patted Huangcen on the head, also not knowing how to reply. The one that answered for her was Qingdai, "You have to know, if our miss didn't do something about it, then the one that's going to be harmed will be our miss."

Huangcen listened to Qingdai's words and felt that Qingdai had a point. Just now, if the one that had been kidnapped was going to be their miss, then it was better for it to have been Su Qingyuan.

Besides, miss had a clear conscious anyways.

"Fengqing, is miss already at Yi Brothel?" Chishao dully asked into the air.

"Miss has master taking care of her, no need for us to worry. Besides, tonight is destined to be a turbulent night." Fengqing stood atop the tree, looking up into the sky, "Moreove

g next to me."

Murong Jingxuan gazed into Su Qingyan's smile and nodded in satisfaction.

Li mama, who was standing to the side, had never seen such an infatuated Shizi before. However, the girl before her certainly was well suited for their Shizi.

"Master, what should we do now?" Li mama looked to Murong Jingxuan and asked, "Do we need to throw this girl into the brothel?"

Murong Jingxuan casted his gaze onto Su Qingyan, and Su Qingyan nodded to Li mama, "Naturally there's a need to, how else can we help Ning Siyao fulfill her dream."

To become the pillow to thousands. Ning Siyao, this bitter fruit, you better properly swallow for me.

After receiving the order, Li mama got someone to take Su Qingyuan away. Murong Jingxuan suddenly thought of a more brilliant idea. He quietly whispered something into Li mama's ear.

"Understood, I'll go take care of it right away."

Seeing Li mama disappear with Su Qingyuan, Qingyan turned to Murong Jingxuan with her eyebrows furrowed, "What are you planning to do?"

"Five hundred meters from the city, exist a place that specifically provides a place to sleep for men. The men there are all ruthless like wolves and tigers. I once heard that a pregnant woman went to deliver a meal to her husband. And just like that she disappeared.

Su Qingyan could imagine just what kind of place that was. She looked to Murong Jingxuan and reluctantly shook her head.

Murong Jingxuan truly had more crafty ideas than her.

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