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   Chapter 72 Ning Siyao's Plan II

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7691

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Granny Ruo never expected that Qingyan would mention these things at a time like this, and that everything was nothing like how she'd imagined.

What she'd imagined was that by now, Qingyan should have already fallen asleep. And she would just have to wait until the people Ning Siyao sends come to abduct her. Afterwards, she can leave this place.

Secretly without a trace, no one would know that Su Qingyan's death was once caused by her. But then, why did it turn out like this now? Could it be that she overlooked something?

"Miss, what are you talking about?" Granny Ruo looked to Qingyan refusing to admit it. Although she felt a bit guilty, she still didn't want to admit to the fact that she'd already betrayed Yingshuang yard.

Qingyan smiled, "Granny Ruo, your grandsons, your sons, your daughter-in-laws, are you not curious to how they died? Did you really think that it was Ning Siyao that sent someone to kill them?"

Granny Ruo listened to Qingyan's words, and her eyes widened. She pointed to Qingyan, a bit loss for words, "It was you. It was you that killed them!"

Qingyan listened, not denying granny Ruo's words. She raised her head and looked to granny Ruo, her tone condescendingly cold, "That's right. It was me. That's because you betrayed me first."

Granny Ruo was still shaking her head, "Miss, I've never betrayed you before. Why did you want to kill my grandsons!"

"No?" Su Qingyan laughed out loud, "If you really didn't intend on harming me, then why did your grandsons died? The pastries they ate were the ones you gave to me." Qingyan walked closer to granny Ruo still carrying a smile on her face, "In the end, you were the one that killed them."

Granny Ruo was still unable to believe what she'd just heard, because she'd always concealed this secret really well. It was impossible for Su Qingyan to have known about her family, furthermore they lived in that remote of an area.

"You're definitely lying to me. That's why you're saying these things. Miss, I really didn't betray you!" With that said, granny Ruo loudly bowed her head to the ground.

Qingyan took the container from Qingdai's hands. She opened it at once and placed everything out in front of granny Ruo, "Granny Ruo, do you know what this is?"

Seeing the red bean rice cake

i Brothel alive?" Ning Siyao looked at the man before her and skeptically asked.

The man before her looked feeble and weak, making her feel unable to believe him.

The man in black smirked, "Madam, why don't you just see for yourself tomorrow?"

"Alright." Ning Siyao brought out an ingot of gold and placed it into the man's hand, "This is the deposit; after the matter is settled, I'll give you the other half."

After taking the gold, the man disappeared from Ning Siyao's yard.

Ning Siyao looked out to the gradually darkening skies and delightfully smiled.

It'll absolutely be a good day tomorrow.

Su Qingyan, the curtain will fall on everything tomorrow. And you will soon become the laughing stock of Diqiu. Don't blame me for being too ruthless, you can only blame yourself for blocking my Yuan'er's path.

When Ning Siyao thought of Su Qingyuan, she let out a satisfied smile. She headed alone to Su Qingyuan's yard. As she stepped into Su Qingyuan's yard, she saw that Qingyuan was currently reading a book, and she didn't intend on bothering her.

But Su Qingyuan already saw Ning Siyao, so she opened the door with a smile, "Mother, why did you come? Yuan'er is currently reading a book."

Ning Siyao walked into the room and patted Su Qingyuan on the hand, "I was worried about you, that's why I came to check on you."

Su Qingyuan glanced to the side to Nianxia and replied with a smile, "Mother don't worry, Yuan'er is very safe here. There definitely won't be anyone that will dare bully me."

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