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   Chapter 71 Ning Siyao's Plan I

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7358

Updated: 2018-08-10 12:06

Seeing Ning Siyao's expression, Nianchun carefully spoke, "Madam, no need to worry. The fourth girl definitely won't be able to escape your calculations. This is all going according to plan, nothing will go wrong."

Ning Siyao listened to Nianchun's words and reluctantly shook her head, "For some reason, ever since seeing the fourth girl that day, I just felt something was different about her. I keep feeling that things aren't as simple as they seem to be."

When she thought of Su Qingyuan, she smiled in content. As long as she can help her daughter get rid of those blocking her path, she's happy.

Thinking about what she'd done today, she glanced to Nianchun with a smile, "You go and stay with Yuan'er tonight, I'm a bit worried something might happen to Yuan'er."

Nianchun looked to Ning Siyao and seriously nodded. Then, she turned and left Ning Siyao's yard.

When she turned, there was a faint smile showing on her lips.


Meanwhile, a second house servant girl told everything that happened all to Chai Yiyun. When she heard this news, she happily ate the prepared fruits, "That Ning Siyao sure is a ruthless character. In order to help Su Qingyuan clear away obstacles, she sure has exhausted her means."

"Madam, why do I feel that based on past incidences, the fourth miss will definitely still manage to escape this time." Meixue looked to Chai Yiyun and carefully analyzed all the recent events.

Judging on those past incidences, Su Qingyan certainly did manage to escape everything, but could Su Qingyan still be fortunate enough to escape it this time.

She didn't believe that Su Qingyan will be so lucky every time.

"No matter what, won't we know the answer after tonight?" Chai Yiyun looked to the fruits and said satisfied, "It's not like you don't know what kind of place that Yi Brothel is."

"Madam is right." Meixue looked to Chai Yiyun, once again replenishing the fruits.

"Meixue, do you also think the fourth girl has become different than before?" Chai Yiyun said as she placed down the fruit in hand.

Meixue looked to Chai Yiyun and nodded with a serious look, "Madam, it's easy to change the outside, but

r head, "Miss, you've misunderstood. Why would I make that kind of expression?"

Qingyan followed along her words and nodded, "You have a point, how could granny Ruo make an expression like that? After all, granny Ruo was even my wet nurse granny."

"That's why how could I harm miss."

Hearing granny Ruo say this, Qingyan smiled. That profoundly mysterious appearance made granny Ruo take a step back as she hears Qingyan's voice echo through her ears, "Granny Ruo, in the beginning, it was precisely because of your kindheartedness that my parents chose you to attend to me."

Granny Ruo looked to Qingyan and solemnly nodded, "That's right, that's right, Master and Madam both treated me very well. I've taken everything to heart, that's why I've also treated miss as if you were my own daughter."

"Oh!" Qingyan turned to granny Ruo, her voice abruptly turning cold. She walked up next to granny Ruo and asked in a cold voice, "Then why are you helping second aunt conspire against me?"

When granny Ruo heard Qingyan's words, her eyes widened in shock. Those muddy eyes fixedly stared at Qingyan, but she was unable to find the slightest emotion on Qingyan's face. She violently shook her head, "Miss, I've never betrayed you! Which lowlife slave is saying bad things about me in front of you?"

Qingyan crouched down and stared into granny Ruo with a grin, pointing to her own eyes, "I saw with my own eyes, granny Ruo entering Ning Siyao's yard."

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