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   Chapter 69 Reunion I

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Murong Jingxuan sat in front of Yingshuang yard's window, staring blankly at the red spider lilies at the door. He'd never thought that he would see that kind of fiery red spider lilies here.

He once saw in a book: Red Spider Lily*, the soul guiding flower of Hell.

(*TN: Some background info: The book he refers to is most likely the 'Lotus Sutra', which describes it as an ominous flower that grows in the underworld that guides the dead into their next reincarnation. The Chinese name of the red spider lily literally translates to 'flower of the other shore', which refers to the other shore of the Sanzu River.)

It usually only grows in the underworld, on the riverbanks of the Sanzu River, the guiding flower of the Forgotten River shores. It's rumored that the flower's fragrance had magical powers, able to awaken the memories of a deceased's previous life. And because it was red like fire, it was praised as the 'Blazing Path'. And it was also the only scenery and color of that long long path to the afterlife.

And unexpectedly, he was able to see this red colored spider lily here.

Murong Jingxuan gazed at the scenery before him, happily smiling.

Su Qingyan's room was also a bit different than what he had imagined. In the previous times he's visited, he never had the chance to properly observe this room. Looking at it now, the simple arrangements was rather similar to his taste.

He walked up to her desk and saw the calligraphy on top. He could even imagine that serious look of hers.

'Red sleeves adds fragrance*', wasn't that precisely the life he always yearned for?

(*TN: This comes from a line of poetry from the Song Dynasty, it refers to the image of a scholar studying with a young and beautiful woman accompanying his side.)

It's a shame that kind of life was still too far from him.

Donghe right now was also in an anxious period. In the imperial court, every influential clan were watching closely, like a tiger watching its prey. Outside the courts, they were also view by Nanchen as a thorn in the eye. It really is an 'internal troubles and outside aggression' situation.

Murong Jingxuan knew very well that if it wasn't for Su Yun defending Qinzhou year round, Qinzhou would have already fallen into the hands of Nanchen.

But it's a pity the current Emperor of Nanchen has drowned himself wine and women, not focusing on his duties. And his Crown Prince, Weisheng Minning, was only the Crown Prince in name, empty of power. This was most likely closely related to his mother, Qilian Qingyan's

also recommended by the Imperial Consort. You should also know that the current Emperors very much adores the Imperial Consort, even though she never acknowledges him."

Donghe's Imperial Consort, Qilian Yuran, was Qilian Qingyan's blood related paternal aunt. And for Qilian Yuran, Qilian Qingyan was her one and only legitimate niece. And in Qilian Qingyan's youth, the one she liked the most was precisely, Qilian Yuran, this aunt of hers.

"Her temper is still like that of the past." Qingyan helplessly shook her head when she thought of that personality of Qilian Yuran's. "Although it shouldn't be said like this, the shock of Xianyi Empress's death really affected her greatly after all."

"Yan'er, say, are you Qilian Qingyan or Su Qingyan?" Murong Jingxuan looked to her and asked in a serious tone.

Su Qingyan looked to him and shook her head, "I'm not sure, sometimes I feel I'm Su Qingyan, and other times I feel I'm Qilian Qingyan. Perhaps it's because we've both had similar experiences."

"Yan'er, I heard from the Fourth Prince, Chunyuan Princess made Hongjia Emperor let Su Yun return home in advance. I suppose before Su Yun returns, Ning Siyao is going to make her move again. You must be careful." Murong Jingxuan thought of those people he'd met previously and still warned Qingyan in all seriousness.

Qingyan looked to him and nodded, "The talent conference has concluded, and the trip to Ganyun Temple has already ended too. Naturally, Ning Siyao will try to think of other ways to deal with me." Qingyan said as the corner of her mouth curled up.

"After all, they still have a pawn they haven't used yet. How could they easily give up on this golden opportunity?"

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