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   Chapter 68 Words of a Daoist Priest

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Xuanxin looked to Murong Jingxuan and thought of what Yunhen asked of him, "That Miss Su is of the rare seven death fate, and Shizi just happened to be of the seven death fate as well. If Shizi can watch over Miss Su, you can ensure Miss Su a worry free life."

"Priest, are you saying that I'm Yan'er's destined partner*?" Murong Jingxuan looked to Xuanxin and said in a hard to believe manner.

(*TN: The term also implies husband in the archaic use of the word.)

Xuanxin looked to Murong Jingxuan and nodded, "What Shizi said is correct."

Xuanxin didn't give him the opportunity to reply and continued to speak again, "My senior, Yunhen Priest, once predicted Miss Su's fortune when she was born:

Ten thousand beasts face the Phoenix, a desolate fated girl, a talented commander born under the Ursa Major;

Sundial of nine stars, seven death fate, the five elements eight divine trigrams shine on the golden dragon.

Most importantly, Su Qingyan's life sign was the rare seven death fate sign, short of familial fate and love.

To reincarnate and reborn, all a solitary life."

This part, Murong Jingxuan was rather clear about. He remembered that when he was born, a daoist priest had also told his fortune, and it was precisely the rare seven death fate.

The seven death fate, destined to be short of familial fate and love, to reincarnate and reborn, all a solitary life.

Rather than saying cut of all family and love, it was more accurate to say that the seven death fate can curse to death everyone close to them.

That's why only with two with the same fate together, can their fate change.

But he certainly never thought that Su Qingyan was also of the seven death fate.

"Shizi, if there's nothing else, I'll take my leave." Seeing Murong Jingxuan lost in thought, Xuanxin turned and left before he could say anything.

Murong Jingxuan watched Xuanxin's gradually departing figure and smirked.

Yan'er, if that really is the case, then let me become the evil dragon that watches over you.

Murong Jingxuan didn't know why at this moment he particularly missed that slim figure, as if his entire mind was filled with her every move and smile, like she was in his reach.

"Master, an incoming letter from Fengqing said that they've already left Ganyun Temple and are on their way back." Fengshuang reported as he looked Murong Jingxuan, who was laying on the recliner.

e tiger a lot?"

Su Qingcong looked to her and nodded.

"If Cong'er likes the white tiger, you can come to my yard everyday, I promise Xiaobai won't harm you." Qingyan looked to him with a bright smile.

Su Qingcong's eyes widened with excitement when he heard this, "Fourth sister means to say that I can become friends with that white tiger?"

Qingyan nodded, "If Cong'er isn't afraid, then naturally you two can become friends."

Su Qingcong turned his gaze to Deng Yan, as if waiting for her to say somehthing.

Seeing Su Qingcong's excited look, Deng Yan lifted her hand to stroke his head, "If your fourth sister doesn't mind it, then naturally I'll agree to let you go."

Su Qingcong let out a satisfied smile, "Fourth sister, from now on, I will visit you often."


Su Qingxue found that the Su Qingyan before her eyes seems to have become more and more different. There were times where she felt that Su Qingyan was very close, and times where she felt Qingyan was distant.

But she knew that perhaps that was the natural born disposition of a head daughter, as if no one was able to break her.

"Fourth sister, your poetry book, there are many places that I don't understand, can I ask for fourth sister's help?" Su Qingxue looked to Qingyan also with a smile.

Qingyan looked to her and nodded with a smile, "Alright."

Qingyan pulled open the curtains, watching Diqiu come closer and closer into view. She thought of that familiar figure, and for some reason, the corner of her lips slowly curled into a smile.

Murong Jingxuan, I hope I won't disappoint you.

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