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   Chapter 66 Imperial Astronomer I

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Daoist Priest Xuanxin was Donghe's renowned Imperial Astronomer. He worked directly under Hongjia Emperor, helping him observe astrological signs, fengshui, and calculate the status and background of every person. Rather than saying he was helping him, it was more accurate to say he was helping himself.

Xuanxin and Yunhen were under the tutelage of the same master, and he's considered Yunhen's junior. However, he had a fondness for the wealth glory of the mortal world. Later, with his abilities, he became Donghe's Imperial Astronomer.

He once served Nanchen, and was Nanchen's previous Empress, Xianyi Empress's, most capable assistent. But, to no avail, with one word from the Imperial Consort Qilian Qingyi, no only did they crippled both his legs, they even ridiculously accused him of a 'baseless' crime.

Since then, he has disappeared within the borders of Nanchen. As for the past, no one has mentioned then ever again. He changed his name to Xuanxin and came to rely on Donghe's Imperial Consort, Qilian Yuran. And under the Imperial Consort's recommendation, he met Hongjia Emperor.

Hongjia Emperor have always believed in the supernatural and was easily convinced in these matters. Especially since it was also under the Imperial Consort's recommendation. It can be said that everything regarding fengshui and astrology were all left up to Xuanxin.

Xuanxin faced every one of these matters with a ordinary mindset.

And it was at this moment, when he was observing the astrological signs, that he discovered this unusual phenomenon. In his whole life, he's only seen this within the borders of Nanchen, and that was the rare scene of 'thousand beasts worshiping the phoenix'.

Xuanxin saw the nine star disk in his hand, yet couldn't help but to take a step back, nearly falling down from the observation deck.

Thousand beasts worshipping the phoenix, the skies bearing such an unusual phenomenon, this was Qilian Qingyan declaring to others her return.

But Qilian Qingyan had already passed away five years ago.

In other words, it was most likely that Qilian Qingyan has returned from hell.

To come extract revenge on Weisheng Junyan and Qilian Qingyi.

The direction the animals were all worshipping was precisely the direction of Ganyun Temple. And a few days ago, his senior Yunhen just happened to be there. In other words, everything was all within his anticipation?

"Xuanxin Priest, have you discovered what

er, playing the flute." Su Qingcong's voice sounded through the crowd. When everyone looked in the direction he was pointing, they all just happened to see a young maiden in purple on the back of a white tiger, playing the flute.

It was difficult to clearly see the girl, only hearing the faint flute sound, as if it was absorbing their soul. And in a flash, the white tiger along with the maiden in purple disappeared before the crowd, as if everything just now had never happened.

Deng Yan was too familiar with that gaze, and she finally understood now that in the five days Qingyan disappeared, she didn't go anywhere, but was here in Ganyun Temple the whole time.

As for what she'd been up to, she wouldn't know.

Once the tune ended, the birds dispersed, as if just now nothing unusual had happened and the skies were still boundlessly clear.

Seeing the skies clear again, Ning Siyao looked to Su Jiashi and said, "Mother-in-law, now that the skies are clear again, why don't we leave Ganyun Temple today, I'm worried that something strange will happen again."

"I think second sister-in-law has a point, mother-in-law what do you think?" Chai Yiyun looked to Su Jiashi, also agreeing with serious look.

"If you are worried the skies will become unusual again, you can leave first. I will wait here for Qingyan to return." Su Jiashi said as she heavily stomped her cane.

Ning Siyao and Chai Yiyun, seeing Su Jiashi stubbornly set on her decision, could only leave first. But at that moment, a familiar voice came from behind the buddha statue.

"Sorry to have worried grandmother, Yan'er has already returned."

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