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   Chapter 65 With Blood as a Medium II

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Qingyan didn't know what kind of feeling she was holding till now. Up until she saw this very last painting, did she feel that strange melancholy in her heart.

The reason why Yunhen had decided to tell her the truth through a letter was probably because he was afraid she was unable to accept that kind of truth. But the truth was such and whether she accepted it or not was no of importance.

At the end of the corridor sat an expansive pavilion. In the pavilion, various devices were displayed. Qingyan understood that these tools were used to make the delicate jade flute.

The previous jade flute was also made here, but at the time, this corridor and pavilion didn't exist. And it was also under the guidance of Yunhen that it was completed bit by bit.

The second half of the [Thousand Beasts and Phoenix] was also passed down from Yunhen.

At the heart of it, everything Yunhen had done for her, never left a mark. She regarded him as a teacher, a friend, and had him by her side. Even if she had discovered his true feelings earlier, what would have come of it?

They're identities were too different; it was destined to never bear fruit.

She placed the blood jade into the furnace and started the fire. The flames slowly began to spread, but this time Weisheng Junmo and Yunhen were no longer here to help her.

And she was no longer Qilian Qingyan.

The delicate blood jade turned a plain color under the large fire. Qingyan skillfully retrieved it from the fire and placed the it into the ice water to the side. After about ten minutes, Qingyan picked up the blood jade.

She placed the blood jade into one of the cast. Facing it, she sincerely kneeled down and bowed to it. Lastly, she took out her dagger and slit her wrist. From her wrist the blood dripped down drop by drop into the jade stone through the cast.

Only the sound of the dripping blood could be heard. As if becoming sentient, the moment the blood touched the jade, the jade stone slowly began turning red once again.

It was different from the red from before; it was a bright red, like a blood thirsty red.

Qingyan picked up the bandage and carefully wrapping it around her wrist. She waited until the blood was completely dried, before finally picking up the jade stone that was mixed with blood.

Blood jade--in ancient legends, jade artifacts made with blood as a medium could e

Worried that something might've happen to Qingyan, who had been gone for five days now.

"Mother-in-law, since there's a strange omen in the sky, we should quickly leave Ganyun Temple. Else something bad might happen." Ning Siyao said in a respectful tone.

Just earlier it was still clear skies, yet after an unknown flute melody sounded, it ended up like this. If one were to say this wasn't a natural omen, no one would believe.

And this wasn't just on Ganyun mountain, the entire Diqiu area was shrouded in this 'black cloud', as if it was declaring that disaster was about to come.

"Master, what's this situation?" Fengshuang looked to the scenery outside. From far away, it looked like a dense black cloud, but Fengshuang knew that this wasn't just clouds; it was a giant flock of birds.

"No matter, there's only one person that can cause this kind of scene." Murong Jingxuan looked out the window and calmly replied.

"Are you referring to the [Thousand Beasts and Phoenix]? But Nanchen's previous Empress has been dead for over five years already. It's impossible for this tune to reappear again. Plus, finding the blood jade and making it into a jade flute, isn't an easy task either." Fengshuang turned to Murong Jingxuan and replied in a serious manner.

Murong Jingxuan smiled and lifted the tea cup in front of him, slowly tasting it. Yan'er, seems like the most difficult thing to obtain in this world, to you, is also a simple matter.

But this 'thousand beasts worshipping the phoenix' sight, to be able to see it once in life, one can die without regrets.

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