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   Chapter 64 With Blood as a Medium I

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When Qingyan woke up, she discovered that she was lying on the bed in her guest room. She stared at the strange, yet familiar ceiling, feeling like she'd just experienced a dream. Even meeting Yunhen also felt like it was a dream.

Whether it's Qilian Qingyan or Su Qingyan, they were both Yunhen's one and only disciple in this life.

Shibo once said, Yunhen was too attached to the mortal world. He simply wasn't suited for daoist cultivation to become an immortal. But she'd always never understood where Yunhen's attachment lies. Now, she'd finally understood, Yunhen's attachment was precisely--Qilian Qingyan.

But at the time, in Qilian Qingyan's eyes was only Weisheng Junmo. How would she have noticed the heartfelt longing and attachment in Yunhen's eyes.

Once a person has an attachment, they will become exceptionally terrifying.

Just like how Yunhen was willing to use his head of black hair in exchange for her to come back to this world.

But, this kind of kindness, how should it be repaid?

Qingyan held on to the blanket and softly sobbed. Shifu, didn't we agree, that from now on I will take care* of you?

(*TN: The phrased used here is specifically used for looking after the elderly and arranging their proper burial arrangements.)

When Qingdai pushed opened the door, she found Qingyan alone holding the blanket and softly sobbing. She walked up next to the bed and worryingly asked, "Miss, did something happen?"

When Qingyan heard her voice, she turned her head towards Qingdai, "Qingdai, yesterday, how did I get back?"

Truthfully, Qingdai didn't know how Qingyan returned yesterday either. By the time she sensed Qingyan's return, Qingyan had already fell into a slumber.

Qingdai listened and shook her head, "I don't know how miss returned to the guest room either. By the time I heard something, miss was already lying on the bed."

Listening to Qingdai's words, she thought of Yunhen's mysteriously profound martial arts skills. His abilities were probably unmatched, pity that he simply wasn't willing to stay in one place. If she could receive Yunhen's help, how great that would be.

But if it wasn't what he desired, how could she force him.

"Miss, you seem to be different than usual today." Chishao walked in carrying a bowl of water, "Miss woke up unusually early today. Abbot Lingyang said, he wanted to meet miss before his rites."

Listening to Chishao's words, Qingyan washed her face, before being brought away by the young

e, as if they were old friends.

"Old madam, today's buddhist sermon, I will only lecture to Miss Su alone." Lingyang faced Su Jiashi and said respectfully.

Old madam listened to Lingyang's words and earnestly nodded, "Alright, then I'll leave it to you for today." Su Jiashi said and patted her hand. Afterwards, she left with Yunxiang and the others.

"Abbot, I've decided to purse my desires." Qingyan looked to him and slowly said, "and I won't regret it."

Lingyang looked to her and nodded, as if he wasn't surprised by her decision. "Since that's the case, then you can already start working on that blood jade in your hands." Lingyang said and walked to the side, pressing an unknown mechanism. Before them, a long path appeared.

"Shizhu, at the end of this path is a device. As for how it's used, I'm sure you will know." Lingyang looked to Qingyan still with calm look.

"Thank you for the guidance." Qingyan lifted the corners of her dress and step by step headed towards the secret entrance. Inside the hidden chamber, on either sides, seems to be filled with the former Qilian Qingyan's voice and smiling face.

The further she went, the more she felt the mysterious pain in her chest spreading, as if she was still Qilian Qingyan. And she could no longer tell whether she was Qilian Qingyan or Su Qingyan anymore.

When she reached the end of the path, she saw a painting. The woman in the painting was clad in white sitting on the back of a white tiger. And in her hand was a jade flute, put to her lips. It look as if she was about to perform a moving melody.

That woman was precisely Nanchen's previous Empress--Qilian Qingyan.

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