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   Chapter 63 Yunhen Priest

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Qingyan didn't expect that Yunhen Priest would directly address her like that. She knew in her heart that only Yunhen Priest would openly called her by that name without hesitation, even if at the time, she wasn't the Nanchen Empress yet.

But she had always revered her shifu. Even if at the time, she was blamed as the country destroying demoness, he still disregarded everything and wanted to visit her in the cold palace.

However, in the end, she wasn't able to see him before her death. She knew that Qilian Qingyi wouldn't agree to Yunhen Priest coming to see her.

Although Qilian Qingyi didn't know that Qingyan was versed in the language of beasts, but even so, she still wouldn't agree to Yunhen Priest seeing her.

Perhaps with just one word from Yunhen Priest, he could let her once again become the Empress. That's why she wouldn't risk doing something so reckless.

Qingyan slowly walked up before Yunhen Priest, formally greeting him with a bow, "Your disciple is here to greet you, shifu."

However, Yunhen Priest didn't seem to be surprised. He walked up next to Qingyan and helped her up, "Yan'er, it really has been a long time no see."

Qingyan looked to Yunhen Priest's appearance, "Shifu, doesn't seem to be the least bit surprised with Qingyan's appearance."

"Yan'er, such is fate. Although you are no longer Qilian Qingyan, you're unable to hide your body's capabilities from me." Yunhen Priest said as he grasped her hand, "Yan'er, your body's life sign is very peculiar. She is the only one that is able to take in your soul.

Yunhen Priest's words made Qingyan widen her eyes, "So what shifu means is that, if in the beginning, the original owner of this body didn't die, then I wouldn't have been able to enter this body, thus obtaining a new start."

Yunhen brought Qingyan into a bamboo cabin. Inside, it was filled with various small animals. She understood in her heart that perhaps Yunhen Priest was training them for something.

"Yan'er, in these five years, I very much blamed myself for your death. In the beginning, if I had insisted on meeting you, perhaps you wouldn't have ended up like that." Yunhen spoke as he poured a cup of tea for Qingyan.

Qingyan picked up the cup of tea before her. Just when she was about to drink it, she realized that the tea leaves in her cup were precisely the tea leaves made from the 'Hundred Root Bifeng' she had given to him

e this time, why don't you leave together with me?" Qingyan lifted her face and looked to him with a serious look.

"Alright, from now on I will follow you." Yunhen said as he patted Qingyan on the head.

Qingyan looked to him and nodded, "From now on, I will cook for shifu everyday."

Yunhen listened to Qingyan's words and reluctantly laughed. She clearly knew that his aspirations didn't lie here. Since he'd already completed his task, it was time for him to leave this place and continue traversing the great lakes and mountains.

Seeing Qingyan fall asleep in his arms, Yunhen softly whispered, "Yan'er, you are my only attachment in this life."

His shifu once said: 'if one were to have mortal attachments in ones life, then one would be unable to see through the mortal world.'

But to no avail, I would rather not see through this mortal world*, more willing to see that brilliant smile on your face.

Even now, I still remembered that day. Your appearance when you appeared in the bamboo forest, following behind Weisheng Junmo, slowly walking over. Bowing to me to become my disciple.

At that moment, I finally understood. That one glimpse was eternity.

Yan'er, in these five years, I've already redeemed by soul. Yet, this whole time I'm unable to forget your smiling face from that time. To be able to be reunited again today, is already my greatest fortune in this life.

--Yun'er, you carry a heavy sin in this life. If you are willing to pay the price, perhaps you can still meet that girl again.

--shifu, Yun'er is willing to pay any price in exchange to meet her again.

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