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   Chapter 62 Burning Incense to Buddha II

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 8457

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When they arrived at Ganyun Temple it was already passed noon. The one that came out to welcome them was naturally Ganyun Temple's head monk, abbot Lingyang. Because the old madam was still listening to scriptures in the buddhist hall, they didn't disturb her for the moment.

Abbot Lingyang arranged for the younger monk to take them to the guest rooms of Ganyun Temple. Because the Su manor often came to burn incense and pray, Ganyun Temple already had their rooms prepared.

Qingyan's guest room was near a remote yard. It's said to be desolated, completely lacking any human presence. The former Su Qingyan, always never liked coming here, because there's simply no one that was willing to like that kind of small yard.

But this, to the Su Qingyan now, was an unconcerning matter. After the guest rooms were set, Qingyan directly let the silver python wrap around the pillar outside her door. If one wasn't paying attention, they simply wouldn't notice there was a python coiled around the pillar.

"Miss, you're not just going to live in this lousy place, right? Even though their guest rooms are clearly much nicer." Qingdai looked at the bed that was getting cleaned and couldn't help but to complain.

"No matter, we're not staying here for very long anyways." Qingyan sat down on a chair and looked to Qingdai smiling. "Who knows, maybe something happened here in the past?"

"I heard that in the past Ganyun Temple used to be a graveyard site. And it was for the purpose of preventing evil spirits from spreading that this buddhist temple was built, in order to hold down these vengeful spirits." Chishao looked to Qingyan and said in a serious tone.

But she couldn't see any hint of worry on Qingyan's face, but then again, this young miss of theirs was already an Asura from hell. Why would she fear those vengeful spirits and ghosts.

"If I were to say that I came from hell, what would you do?" Qingyan said, even meaningfully stretching out her hand. Under the dusky candle light, the Qingyan now, really looked a bit like a malicious spirit from hell.

"Miss, why bother scaring us like that, I never believed in those supernatural things in the first place." Qingdai looked to Qingyan's playful manner and reluctantly said, "My hands have already been dyed with blood; I'm simply not afraid of those vengeful spirits coming after me."

"That's right." Qingyan looked to them nodding.

They were all malicious spirits from hell, how could they be afraid of those vengeful spirits coming after the

person has appeared, then surely that fated person won't let the white tiger come out and harm anyone."

The young monk listened to Lingyang's words, unable to comprehend the reasoning, but he was still very worried that the appearance of the white tiger would cause trouble. Not understanding abbot Lingyang's words, the young monk could only search for where the white tiger was on his own.

Lingyang watched the retreating figure of the young monk in the distance. After pressing a mechanism, he was met with a cool and refreshing breeze. He saw sitting not far in the distance, a white haired elderly daoist priest wearing a gray daoist robe. "Shibo, the fated person you wanted to wait for has already appeared."

The immortal dressed in a gray daoist robe opened his eyes and glanced to Lingyang, replying with a smile, "Since they've come, we should welcome them."

Lingyang watched his shibo silently retreat to the side. And after observing for a brief period of time, confirming that there was no other matters, he disappeared back to where he appeared earlier.

Qingyan rode atop the white tiger, playing the jade flute Murong Jingxuan had gifted her. Under the guidance of the white tiger, passing through the thick forest at the back of the mountain, she finally arrive at the place where Yunhen Priest was.

Yunhen Priest was still the same as in her memories, but all that white hair still flashed before Qingyan's eyes. When did Yunhen Priest's delicate black hair turned white?

Was it 5 years ago or even longer ago?

Just when Qingyan was lost in thought, she heard that voice echo through, "Yan'er, since you're here, why not come greet your teacher?"

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