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   Chapter 61 Burning Incense to Buddha I

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7680

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Deng Yan didn't understand why a voice was coming from the air. Qingyan saw Deng Yan's surprised expression and pulled her hand to show her the roof of the carriage. And certainly there was a python curled on top of the carriage roof. But if others can't see it, then it won't be of concern. They'll only think it's a delicate sculpture.

But when Deng Yan looked over she immediately saw the python's head. Seeing the python, Deng Yan subconsciously took a step back and thought to herself: 'If in the beginning, she didn't agree to work with Su Qingyan, then the one to die a tragic death would probably be her.'

However, she was glad she chose Qingyan.

"Yiniang, don't worry. That python won't harm you." Seeing Deng Yan's expression, Qingyan happily curled her lip. Perhaps she was thinking now how glad she was to have not sided with Ning Siyao and Chai Yiyun. Else, Deng Yan might have been the first one she dealt with.

As for Jiang Mengrou, if Jiang Mengrou were to cross her, she would definitely not hold back either. After all, her only goal now was to overturn the entire Su manor. It'd be good to let Su Yun know just what kind of place the Su manor was.

"Fourth girl, I was just thinking, if in the beginning I were to go against you, you'd probably not let go of me, even not letting go of my children either." Deng Yan looked to Qingyan's expression and blatantly stated, "Seeing this python now, I'm truly glad that I agreed to letting you protect us."

After Qingyan confirmed that all the bodies were cleaned up, she once again returned to her carriage. She simply didn't care what Ning Siyao and Chai Yiyun were going to do, but she also didn't mind Ning Siyao telling the Jingguo Marquis manor about this matter. After all, those people did die in a bizarre manner. I suppose when the time comes the news will spread to the capital city. As for what the others thought, she further more didn't care.

"Miss, don't worry if we pick of the pace we will arrive at Ganyun Temple shortly." Qingdai replied as she drove the carriage.

"No matter, there shouldn't be anymore incidences along the way." Qingyan said as she started to flip through the book of poems. On it were clusters of her notes written all over.

"Miss, this time Ning Siyao and Chai Yiyun shouldn'

is needed but I'll add it just in case. The 'unclean' refer to things like evil spirits or demons, basically anything supernaturally bad. It goes back to the idea that anything evil is 'tainted' or impure.)

"Yuan'er!" Ning Siyao suddenly cried out, "There isn't any supernatural beings in this world. Those are just things people use to deceive others and to deceive themselves, that's all. If that really were the case, then I should have already descended into hell."

Su Qingyuan grabbed Ning Siyao's hands when she heard this, "Mother, what nonsense are you saying? How could mother go to hell, if someone needs to go to hell, it should be Su Qingyan. Mother would never go to hell."

Ning Siyao watched Su Qingyuan as she stroked her head, "My good Yuanyuan. Mother's greatest joy is that I gave birth to such a good daughter like you. If only your older brother could be here as well, he always has so many ideas."

"Mother, it'll be the year's end very soon, big brother will be back soon. If by then, we still haven't eliminated Su Qingyan, we can ask big brother to help us." Su Qingyuan very much depended on this older brother of hers, and Su Qingming also very much adored his younger sister. To Ning Siyao, he is a very devoted son as well.

Ning Siyao felt what Su Qingyuan said made sense. If when the time comes, they still couldn't eliminate Su Qingyan before the year's end, then they could only just let Su Qingming come to their aid.

No matter what, she can't let Su Qingyan get in Qingyuan's way.

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