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   Chapter 60 Ganyun Temple III

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Meanwhile, Ning Siyao was also resting in her own carriage with her eyes shut. However, she wasn't in the mood to sleep. She wholeheartedly thought of ways on how to let that little bitch Su Qingyan die more gruesomely, to make up for all the humiliation she suffered in the last few days.

Once Wei mama left, there was no one to help her come up with ideas. So she could only rely on her own methods to deal with Su Qingyan.

Su Qingyuan looked to Ning Siyao and affectionately said, "Mother, you don't need to worry, uncle* will definitely prepare everything for you. When the time comes, she will only be able to kneel and beg for forgiveness."

(*TN: Maternal uncle; Ning Siyao's brother.)

Ning Siyao listened to her and nodded, "Yuan'er, you're right. I heard from your uncle that this time he found some really impressive masters. When the time comes, if these people can take away Su Qingyan that wench, then nicely defile her, who cares if she's some Leyi Princess. She'd be just a dirty* prostitute."

(*TN: I found the original phrasing interesting so I've included it: 'thousand people's pillow and ten thousand people's saddle')

"Mother, you're right. That's why you shouldn't worry. Dealing with that kind of woman, as long as mother acts, it definitely won't be a problem. Besides, this time isn't uncle also helping you?" As Su Qingyuan said this, she grabbed Ning Siyao's hand, "Mother, wait until I successfully marry the Second Prince. Afterwards, we will be able to enjoy an endless amount of wealth and glory, no longer having to look at anyone's faces."

"My good daughter!" Ning Siyao pulled Su Qingyuan into her arms, "Yuan'er, these things, normally you shouldn't need to worry over, yet you are willing to bear these burdens."

"Mother, you birthed me and raised me. Naturally, I will stand on mother's side. No matter what happens, I will never leave mother." Su Qingyuan looked to Ning Siyao and said in a smothered voice, "I will definitely make mother's wish come true."

That's why, Su Qingyan, you shouldn't blame us for being ruthless either. Only if you disappear, will I truly become the Su manor's one and only young miss.


At the same time, Chai Yiyun was also in her carriage, looking out the window fr

y from here."

Ning Siyao knew the origins of these people, but now they'd all mysteriously died off. Plus, their deaths were so gruesome, naturally she felt a bit uncomfortable.

"Miss, these people are all dead. As for how they died, I don't know." Qingdai walked up before Qingyan and slowly explained, "But it seems before they died, they must have experienced something really shocking."

"Oh!" Qingyan nonchalantly spoke, pointing to the entrance of the forest. "I heard that this place is haunted. Perhaps they encountered something unclean, tsk tsk tsk...." She made a pitied look, "Such a shame for so many people."

When Ning Siyao heard this, she immediately returned to her carriage. Seeing Ning Siyao hurriedly running away, she happily smirked.

Ning Siyao, this is just the beginning.

"Fourth miss, how did you do it?" Deng Yan looked to Su Qingyan in surprise. At the time, they were clearly sitting in the carriage and didn't so anything. Yet, these people appeared like this before them.

"Fengqing, you've fallen behind this time. You and Yun'er sure had some fun." Qingyan dryly called out to the air.

"Master, that's a snake alright! With one long cry from that silver python, all the snakes in the entire forest came forth. How could I match against those snakes." From the air came Fengqing's prideful reply.

If the opponent was ten people, he could have managed, but the opponent was a sentient snake. Even if he was an expert in martial arts, he still wouldn't rival those snakes!

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