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   Chapter 59 Ganyun Temple II

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7559

Updated: 2018-07-23 12:10

Listening to Deng Yan's words, Qingyan smiled, "Naturally I know she wants to deal with me, but as for whether she will succeed or not, I don't know."

Just one python is more than enough to deal with those so called 'bad people'. Although, probably only the people of the Jingguo Marquis manor were willing to put in such effort for Ning Siyao.

However, she didn't mind having a little fun with the people of the Jingguo Marquis manor. As for how the silver python was going to deal with those people, she didn't know.

"Fourth sister, that book of yours, can you let me borrow it?" Su Qingxue saw a book of poems placed on the small table; her eyes looked to Qingyan with expectation.

Qingyan casually placed the book into Su Qingxue's hands. "If fifth sister likes it, why don't I just give it to you?"

Su Qingxue didn't have the luxury to read this kind of book. Children of concubines like her, no matter how much they liked to read, were not allowed to enter the study. So at times like these, she was especially jealous of Su Qingwen. She'd always thought that only legitimate children like Su Qingwen were most suited to read these kinds of books.

She really wanted to leave the Su manor very much, to obtain her own place in this world. Then return to the manor to take Yiniang with her, never staying in this dreadful Su manor ever again.

"Thank you fourth sister." Su Qingxue held the book as if it was some treasure.

Qingyan very much liked the girl before her. In this girl's eyes, there was something unexpected, and that was perhaps she too very much hated the Su manor. Or rather, she simply didn't want to stay there, only for the sake of Deng Yan was she willing to confine herself there.

For Deng Yan to have this kind of daughter, only meant that Deng Yan educated them very well. And not everyone was rude and arrogant like that Su Qingting, who regarded Ning Siyao as her real legitimate mother and neglected the birth mother that birthed her and raised her.

"If fifth sister likes these books, after we return from Ganyun Temple, you're welcome to frequent my yard." Qingyan said as she lifted her hand and rubbed Su Qingxue's head. "Does fifth sister like the Su manor?"

Su Qingxue understood the underlying meani

bite, he still didn't forget to say his thanks.

In the past, her Ning'er and Jing'er was also like this. How great it would be if they were still alive, but how could Qilian Qingyi that evil woman easily let go of her children.

At the same time, a group of men dressed in black lie waiting near the route to Ganyun Temple. This area was deprived of human habitation, so wanting to kidnap a young girl was not a problem. Furthermore, the other party had offered such a high price.

"Boss, I think those carriages ahead must be from the Su manor. Do you know which horse carriage is the fourth miss's?" A man in black asked in a low voice.

The head man nodded, "I heard from the buyer that the one in the lead is the fourth miss's carriage. There's even plum blossom fretwork on the carriage, it must be the right one."

A man hearing the boss say this, chimed in with a mouth full of saliva, "Boss, I heard that the fourth miss is as beautiful as a delicate flower. How about boss play with her first after we kidnap her. After you get bored of her, you can give her to us. We've never tasted soft and tender noble ladies before.

The boss heard this and felt what they were saying also made a lot of sense. These noble daughters were all delicately raised, they for certain must taste better than the girls of the Yi Honglou.

The boss licked the dripping saliva from him lips and lecherously said, "Then it's set, once I'm done playing with that fourth miss, I let you guys have some fun."

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