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   Chapter 58 Ganyun Temple I

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When Qingyan returned to Yingshuang yard, everyone gathered around her. They were all very excited about that imperial edict in Qingyan's hands.

"Miss, what does it say on that imperial edict you got?" Zizhu looked to Qingyan with a smile.

"Miss, Chunyuan Princess sure is efficient! What was promised yesterday was immediately fulfilled today." Qingdai looked to Qingyan also with a smile.

Qingyan listened to them and slowly spread open the imperial edict. On there, it was clearly written that the title of Leyi Princess will be bestowed onto Qingyan, and also be granted her own manor. This manor was right next to Chunyuan Princess's manor.

Qingdai was very familiar with that area, because Shizi's manor was also near there.

When she saw this, Qingdai said with a smile, "Miss, are we going to move there?"

Qingyan figured that she didn't feel safe leaving Su Jiashi alone here, that's why towards Qingdai's request, she didn't ponder on it too much. "For now, no. After all, I'm worried about leaving grandmother here alone."

"Miss, we can move there together with the old madam!" Chishao chimed in after her smiling, "But seeing General Su hasn't returned yet, I see why Miss is unwilling to move over there."

Chishao's words hit the bullseye in Qingyan's mind. That's right, even if she didn't consider this Su manor as her own home, it was still Su Yun's home. Su Yun attentively helped Donghe guard the borders at the intersection of the four countries all this time.

He had never thought of diving up his family. Although, if she really wanted Su Yun to divide the family and live separately, it's not like she didn't have any ideas.

In Qingyan's memories, this body's original owner and Su Yun was not very close with one another. It was as if she wasn't Su Yun's daughter. But in the end, she was still their flesh and blood. Even if Qingyan disliked them, they still considered Qingyan as their only daughter.

Su Yun was famous for being protective. In the past, Jingguo Marquis once said a line of insult towards Luo Bing in the imperial courts. Unexpectedly, in the middle of the night, Su Yun went and smashed Jingguo Marquis's inscription* from the Emperor. At the time, it really enraged the Emperor, but afterwards, with the help of my maternal grandfather, the previous Emperor forgave him.

(*TN: A horizontal wooden board that has the Emperor's penmanship engraved on, usually hung on high official's front door.)

Because of such, Su Yun received the nickname: Su Laifeng*.


sarcastically. "After all, I heard that on the way to Ganyun Temple, there are many mountain thieves."

"Second aunt, no need to worry, Qingyan naturally has a way to deal with them." Qingyan met with Ning Siyao's eyes and said smiling.

Ning Siyao coldly snorted in her head, 'Just wait until the time comes, you will cry.'

The entire Su family set out to Ganyun Temple to pray. Su Qingyan had her own horse carriage and so did Ning Siyao and Chai Yiyun. As for the other concubines, they were unable to enjoy this kind of treatment.

Su Qingyan walked up before Deng Yan and slowly said, "Yiniang, my carriage is big, why don't you bring fifth sister and Cong'er with you to ride my carriage."

When Qingyan felt a cold gaze directed at her, she looked up to see Jiang Mengrou's sharp gaze penetrating into her. This was her first time meeting this Jiangshi*, but seems like she's not much either.

(*TN: I've went over this in previous chapter, but women are often referred to this way. Surname 'shi' usually translates to 'of the surname clan', thus in this case she's 'of the Jiang clan', which is her maiden name.)

After Deng Yan thanked Qingyan, she got on Qingyan's carriage along with Su Qingxue and Su Qingcong. As for Jiang Mengrou, Qingyan didn't even bother to glance at her.

After Qingyan got on the carriage, Qingdai and Chishao sat outside the carriage, personally driving the horse carriage. Even Fengqing was watching from a distance, waiting for orders. As for the silver python, it concealed itself on the roof of the carriage.

"I heard second madam is planning on dealing with you, what do you think?" Deng Yan looked to Qingyan and slowly spoke.

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