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   Chapter 57 The Imperial Decree

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Chai Yiyun had no choice but to explain what had happened at the talent conference to Su Ming and Su Yan.

Su Ming clearly knew in his heart, what kind of child Ning Siyao raised Su Qingyan into. But in the end, she was still his elder brother's daughter. He didn't like that child, that's why he was always indifferent with how Ning Siyao raised her.

But now, when he heard her say that kind of thing, he kept feeling that she seems to have become different than before.

"Second brother, what's wrong?" Su Yan, seeing Su Ming lost in thought, asked. "Don't tell me you really think the fourth girl is possessed, which is why she has become like this now?"

"Third brother, just look at her behavior just now. Her every move is nothing like the original fourth girl. Think about it, if the fourth girl has been concealing herself all this time, then I'm afraid the Su manor will get wrapped up a disaster!" Su Ming looked to Su Yan and said with serious look, "The look in that girl's eyes towards us was clearly full of resentment. That brimming hatred, blaming us for not treating her well all this time."

"Then what should we do now?" Su Yan looked to Su Ming with a serious expression, "If elder brother knew, he would definitely not forgive that girl either."

"Third brother, you have to know, elder brother is far away in Qinzhou and has also been greatly courteous to us. But in the end, he's also very protective, and if he were to find out that his daughter is being bullied by us like this, he would definitely blame us." When Su Ming thought of Su Yun's temper, he knew it would be a headache. Afterwards, he could only temporarily suppress this matter for a while; perhaps by the time Su Yun returned, Su Qingyan would have already forgotten about this matter.


When Chunyuan entered the palace the next day, she told Hongjia Emperor what had happened at the talent conference from beginning to end. Hongjia Emperor had always respected this paternal aunt of his, and furthermore Xuanyuan Yuzhen and Murong Jingxuan had also reported matters regarding the talent conference to him as well.

However, what he found most ridiculous was that Cui Chujun's son would be scared into wetting himself. If this got out, Donghe would really lose face.

And listening to Chunyuan say this, he felt it was even more interesting and vivid.

"Then for Royal Aunt to have come today, must be to ask for the imperial edict." Hongjia Emperor looked to Chunyuan and said, "Since that'

yes are never wrong." Eunuch Zhang looked to Qingyan and felt something akin to fondness towards her.

Those in the palace that looked down on the servants didn't know that as long as Eunuch Zhang opened his mouth, Hongjia Emperor will favor which women of the back palace. But those women all looked down on him, so he could only look down on those women as well.

After Eunuch Zhang read the imperial edict, he looked to Qingyan, "Leyi Princess, accept the edict then."

"I humbly thank his Majesty for his great kindness, may his Majesty live for tens of thousands of years." Qingyan said as she knelt her head down to the ground, then stood up to accept the edict.

"His Majesty has said that the Junzhu manor is near Chunyuan Princess's Xiexiu Hall. If you like, you are free to enter and leave the Princess's residence as you please." Eunuch Zhang patted Qingyan's hand as he said this.

Su Ming and Su Yan wanted to have Eunuch Zhang stay for dinner, but Eunuch Zhang left without saying a word more. In the end, Su Ming still blamed Qingyan for not persuading Eunuch Zhang to stay for a meal.

"Second uncle, don't you know, Eunuch Zhang is most trusted by his Majesty. It's not possible for him to stay for a meal." As she said this, she turned and left without looking back, as if she particularly despised everyone there.

"Just look at that attitude of hers, she only got a granted a title of a Junzhu." Ning Siyao watched Qingyan's retreating figure in the distance and angrily said.

"If you have the that kind of ability to get our daughter a title of a Junzhu granted, then I will thank the heavens!" Su Ming glanced to Ning Siyao before turning to leave.

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