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   Chapter 56 Real and Fake Grandmother II

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7474

Updated: 2018-07-20 18:20

Qingyan was very confident that this so called Su Jiashi in front of her, wasn't her real grandmother. After all, her grandmother had been managing the Su manor for many years now, she wouldn't just push all the blame on to Qingyan without even listening to her side of the story.

Su Jiashi was kind and had always treated her the best. Even if she did do something wrong, Su Jiashi would help her take on all the blame. But this time, Su Jiashi not only didn't listen to any of her explanations, but immediately made her apologize to Ning Siyao and Chai Yiyun.

Something felt fishy just thinking about it. And the most probable explanation was that this Su Jiashi in front of her, was not the real Su Jiashi. Or rather, she was some old lady someone found to pretend to be Su Jiashi.

Suddenly, a small snake appeared before Su Qingyan. It flickered its long tongue and told her everything that had happened recently. When Su Qingyan heard these words, she happily smirked.

Luckily, Su Jiashi had just went ahead to Ganyun Temple, else she would've been worried about Su Jiashi's wellbeing.

However, just who in the world was this person before her? She also really wanted to know.

"Are you sure this old lady is grandmother?" Qingyan turned to Ning Siyao and Chai Yiyun, who were kneeling on the ground, and said in a cold manner.

"Su Qingyan, don't be so disgraceful*, isn't the person in front of you precisely mother-in-law. If anything were to happen to mother-in-law, your second and third uncle definitely won't forgive you." Ning Siyao looked to Qingyan and spoke arrogantly.

(*TN: The original idiom, I feel, is more severe in meaning than just 'disgrace', despite that being the dictionary translation of it. It roughly means more along the lines of greatly straying from the path of filial piety and acting against the social etiquette.)

She heard that the appearance altering pill couldn't be easily discovered, and it wasn't possible to be seen through either. That was why she brazenly let Wei mama take the appearance altering pill. But now, why was Su Qingyan able to immediately tell this old madam wasn't the real Su Jiashi.

Qingyan clenched her fist, making a sound, "Second aunt, you shouldn'

ie. I still need you when grandmother returns." Qingyan said as she let go of her, and with a single wave of her hand, a python appeared in Meixiangyuan. The python swallowed Wei mama at once.

"In order to prevent anyone with ulterior motives to make a move, I'll just have my beloved Yun'er keep that servant in its stomach for now." Qingyan said as she began to leave.

"Su Qingyan, you little wench, even if I were to die, I won't forgive you." Ning Siyao no longer looked like a mistress of a house, as she screamed out to Qingyan with a ferocious expression.

Qingyan turned her head around to Ning Siyao and dully said, "I'll be waiting, second aunt."

Returning from hell, did they think she'd be afraid of an evil spirit?

"That's right, second uncle, third uncle, it's best if you think about how to explain this to grandmother. After all, this isn't a small matter." With that said, Qingyan turned and left.

Su Ming glanced to Ning Siyao with an angry look, but knowing Ning Siyao's background, he really couldn't just give her a kick, "Well, just what in the world is going on?"

Ning Siyao looked to Su Ming and didn't know how to explain either. She could only helplessly open her mouth, "It's all because that little wench gave me a kick yesterday. I was thoroughly embarrassed."

Listening to Ning Siyao's words, Su Ming furrowed his brows. He looked to Chai Yiyun and said with a stern look, "Sister-in-law, why don't you say something, just what happened?"

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