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   Chapter 55 Real and Fake Grandmother I

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7255

Updated: 2018-07-15 12:12

When Qingyan returned to Yingshuang yard, it was already close to evening. But taking Chunyuan Princess's invitation into consideration, Qingyan ate dinner at Murong Jingxuan's manor before returning.

Not only did Murong Jingxuan personally send her back, he was quite persistent, as if worrying she would get hurt.

Seeing Qingyan enter the yard, Zizhu was the first to greet her, "Miss, I heard from Qingdai about your performance today."

Qingyan looked to her and let out a soft smile, "So, what do you think of your miss?"

"Miss naturally is the best." Baizhi said grinning, "I just know Miss is a sage in disguise."

Qingyan looked to them and brought them back into the room with her, "What kind of expressions did Ning Siyao and Chai Yiyun have when they returned?"

Huangcen stepped forward and spoke, "I heard from the other servants in the yard that Ning Siyao went to tearfully complain to the old madam as soon as she returned to the manor, even saying you bullied her."

Qingyan picked up the cup of tea before, "Tsk tsk tsk, second aunt really went to complain about me, but don't worry, this is exactly the result I wanted."

"Miss, did you really send the second madam flying with a kick in front of everyone today?" Lue looked to Qingyan and asked with a look of disbelief.

"Why would that not be true? That kick from miss was so satisfying. And that Chai Yiyun, really should have just killed her." Qingdai looked to them and replied with a serious tone, "You guys should have seen that pathetic look."

"Miss, is it really okay to burn the bridge with them like this? After all, madam and the others still haven't returned yet." Zizhu looked to Qingyan and asked with a concerned look, "What if the people of the second house and third house set out against us, what should we do?"

Qingyan scanned outside the window and listened to the cries of the songbirds, smiling, "Do you think that this room of mine, aside from you all, anyone else can come near? Even granny Ruo is no exception."

Qingday turned to Zizhu smiling, "Zizhu, you don't need to keep worrying. With us here to protect the miss, what's there to worry about?"

e wrong, so I won't apologize."

"You ungrateful child, why does Su manor have someone like you!" Su Jiashi originally wanted to use her cane to hit Qingyan, but Qingyan cleanly avoided it.

In the next second, Qingyan appeared in front of Su Jiashi. And at once, she grabbed Su Jiashi by the throat. She looked Su Jiashi in the eyes, her tone suddenly turning cold, "Say it, just who are you? You're not grandmother."

Su Jiashi obviously didn't think Qingyan would try this. In the beginning, when she was asked to come, this wasn't what she was told. Right now, she could clearly feel her throat tightening. As if with just a bit of strength from Qingyan, she could meet buddha.

"Not saying huh! I don't mind sending you to buddha right now." That said, Qingyan once again tightened her grip. She turned behind her to Ning Siyao and Chai Yiyun, still with a ice cold tone, "Second aunt, third aunt, don't you think you should explain yourselves, where did the real grandmother go?"

Ning Siyao and Chai Yiyun looked to Qingyan, not understanding what she was saying, "Su Qingyan, what are you saying, the old madam before your eyes is clearly mother-in-law."

"Oh! Seems like you're in together on this?" Qingyan nonchalantly spoke, "Then it shouldn't be a problem if I kill this grandmother now then." As she spoke, she once again tightened her grip. Although Qingyan wasn't that strong, choking someone to death wasn't a problem.

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