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   Chapter 54 Obtained in a Dream

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Murong Jingxuan didn't think that he would hear such a story from Qingyan's mouth. Rather than saying it was dream, it was better to call it a story, a story that no one would believe.

But for some reason, he was willing to believe this story. Perhaps in the unseen world of spirits, the one called Qilian Qingyan was carefully protecting this girl in front of him.

"I know you won't believe what I said, because I also don't believe it's real." When Qingyan looked to Murong Jingxuan, she reluctantly shook her head. "You probably think I'm insane to have said something like that, but I'm not insane, in fact my mind is very clear."

Murong Jingxuan tightly grasped her hand and pulled her into an embrace, "I believe you."

His words involuntarily made Qingyan widen her eyes. In her mind, she knew very well that this was a lie; a lie that she didn't need to bring full circle in the future with more lies. Rather than saying Qilian Qingyan was her past incarnation, it was better to say that everything was just a dream.

Because Qilian Qingyan has already disappeared from this world, completely disappeared without leaving a single trace.

"Why would you believe what I said? Or rather, you should think I'm a liar." Qingyan lifted her head up to face him. Perhaps that warm embrace made her feel a bit at ease.

"I know it was a dream." Murong Jingxuan gazed at her as he stroked her delicate black hair, "The first time you were poisoned, I just knew that you must have experienced a nightmare."

Although he didn't know what kind of nightmare the woman in her dreams experienced, but through Qingyan's expressions, he could vividly feel it. Moreover, it was more intense than before."

"Murong Jingxuan, you really shouldn't believe what I say." Qingyan looked to him and held his cheeks, "Are you not worried that I might be a messenger of death here to take your life."

Murong Jingxuan fixedly gazed at her and shook his head, "Little Yan'er, if you're willing, whether it's heaven or hell, I'm willing to accompany you for life."

Lifelong companion, this promise seemed too heavy. Neither of them could predict what's to come in the future, especially since she was still living at the Su manor.

Su Yun was still stationed at Qinzhou; for the time being, he has yet to return.

But one of these days, she will let the entire Su manor fall into pieces.

"Murong Jingxuan, this promise is too h

l for you. Come find me if there's anything you need help with."

"Naturally I'll look for you if something happens." Qingyan turned around to Murong Jingxuan with a smile, "Ning Siyao wants to kill me through granny Ruo. So why don't I beat her at her own game and send her daughter to the fire pits. After all, Yihonglou, that place, I also know very well.

Yihonglou is Donghe's largest brothel. It's said that there's no customers Yihonglou won't accept. Plus, the girls there were all skilled in the four arts; they're said to be first rate 'Jieyu' flowers*.

(*TN: A phrase to describe woman that not only were pretty, but also smart and understanding. Deng Yan was also described as such.)

However, perhaps no one knows that Yiyhonglou was divided into six ranks. Among them, the women of the lowest rank could only serve those men that only had pennies to their name. And most importantly, those kind of men didn't understand how to be delicate*. If a customer had a request, one girl could serve ten people at the same time.

(*TN: This idiom means more along the lines of being able to sympathize with the fate of being a woman, and to cherish a woman's feelings.)

As for the lowest ranked women, when they died, their bodies were thrown into a pile and fed to the birds and beasts.

Most importantly, women that were unwilling to serve customers, according to the rules, were demoted down the ranks one by one. And this rule was once set by Su Qingyan.

Ning Siyao, since you want to court disaster, then I will grant you that wish.

When the time comes, you won't even have a place to cry.

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