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   Chapter 53 Taking Control of Fate

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 6925

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Chunyuan didn't understand what Chonglou was saying. She turned to Murong Jingxuan with a shocked expression, "Xuan'er, just what is going on?"

"Great aunt, Yan'er has poison in her body, furthermore it's poison she's had since she was in the womb. This poison can cause heartaches sometimes." Murong Jingxuan looked to Chunyuan and explained with a serious expression.

Chunyuan stumbled backwards and was caught by Mu Zhimin. "Then is there a way to save her? Just how much has Yan'er suffered?"

"Great aunt, for the time being, don't worry. Yan'er is fine for now, but I'm afraid if we don't find the seven toxins, it'll take her life." Murong Jingxuan lowered his gaze on the young girl lying on the bed.

He will definitely thoroughly investigate this matter. He too was very curious as to who would want to kill an unborn child at the time.

"Great aunt, since sister Yan'er is unwell, how about let brother Jingxuan send her back?" Mu Zhimin looked to Chunyuan and said, "I think mister Chonglou will definitely take good care if her."

Chunyuan look to Mu Zhimin and nodded her head, "Min'er is right. Xuan'er, you take Yan'er back, take good care of her."

Chunyuan watched as Murong Jingxuan left, a single tear streaming down her cheek.

When Liu Shang returned, he saw that Su Qingyan was already gone. He originally wanted to ask Su Qingyan a few other things, but what he got was the news of Qingyan's poison.

"Liu Shang, you don't need to worry. Brother Jingxuan can definitely cure her." Mu Zhimin looked to Liu Shang with a gentle smile.

"Princess, do you know what Miss Su was poison with?"

Mu Zhimin shook her head, "I just remember mister Chonglou mention something about seven toxins. Liu Shang do you know what Yan'er is poisoned with?"

"Seven toxin....." Liu Shang repeated these words over and over again many times, until he finally remembered the so called 'Seven Toxin Five Flower Poison'.

Seeing Liu Shang's perplexed expression, Mu Zhimin spoke, "Could it be that you know the name of this poison?"

Liu Shang did

uan was unable to hold back his concern for her.

"Rest assured. Ning Siyao's little schemes, I can still deal with." Qingyan said as she lightly smiled, "This is my first time discovering that you're not just some frivolous playboy."

"That is just to fool others. Since Hongjia Emperor wants me to loiter around the red light district that much, then why would I not fulfill his wishes." Murong Jingxuan looked to her with a slight smile.

Murong Jingxuan, do you know the Nanchen former Empress?" Qingyan sat up on the bed and turned to him with a smile. "Others all say that she was a country destroying 'demon queen', do you think she was?"

"I once heard from my mother that the former Nanchen Empress was her closest friend. Five years ago, she died in a fire. As for the cause of the fire, even till now it's still a mystery. Mother once said that the former Empress was a strong willed woman; she couldn't have killed herself." Murong Jingxuan looked into her eyes and spoke word for word in a serious tone.

"She did kill herself." Qingyan met his eyes and faintly spoke, "I don't mind telling you this, but I once saw in a dream a woman in a bright yellow phoenix gown. I wasn't able to clear see her face, but she told me that she died very unjustly. She hoped that I could avenge her. That [Thousand Beasts and Phoenix] tune was taught by her in that dream."

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