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   Chapter 52 Horseback Archery III

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7428

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Once Chunyuan Princess has spoken, who would dare to object.

After receiving the order from his father, Cui Hanqun could only silently pray to himself as he got on the horse. And on his head, he wore the same apple that Qingyan had wore.

After Qingyan got on the horse, she lowered her body and set five arrows onto the bow. Only hearing the sound of the wind, all five arrows shot out and hit bullseye on the moving targets. She then put another five arrows on to the bow and shot again in one fell swoop.

Seeing the arrows flying at him, Cui Hanqun tried to get the horse to run in panic without having a second thought, but unfortunately the horse ended up getting frightened. Just as Cui Hanqun landed on the ground, a single arrow firmly shot throw the apple on his head.

And as for Cui Hanqun, who fell off the horse, he was completely drenched for some reason. Seeing Cui Hanqun dripping cold sweat from his forehead, the judge could only helplessly shake his heads.

"Princess, this match is Miss Su's victory." The judges look to Chunyuan Princess and reported.

"Sir Liu, what happen to young master Cui just now, for you to make that kind of expression?" Murong Jingxuan look to the judge smiling, "Could it be that something bad happened?"

Sir Liu, hearing Murong Jingxuan's question, could only tell him what just had happened.

In short, Cui Hanqun had wet himself.

When this was heard, everyone present all burst into laughter; especially Murong Jingxuan, who was completely out of breath. Even Chunyuan Princess displayed a rare faint smile on her face.

At that moment, Cui Chujun could only swiftly leave the talent conference with his son and daughter.

"Yan'er, your performance today was spectacular. I definitely have to reward you." With that said, Chunyuan removed the bracelet around her wrist.

She called Qingyan over to her side and slipped the red colored jade bracelet on her. "Yan'er, this bracelet was a gift from the Xianyi Empress. I've worn it for more than 10 years now. If you don't mind it, I'll give it to you as a greeting gift."

As she stared at that red jade bracelet, Qingyan felt as if she wanted to cry. This jade bracelet that was made from blood ja

completely forgotten about all those little lovers of yours from before."

"Big sister is right, those little lovers of yours, I'm afraid, will be disappointed." Qingyan's gaze also turned to a look of disdain.

Seeing that look in her eyes, Murong Jingxuan instead mischievously smiled, "Great Aunt, you still haven't answered me."

Chunyuan knew what Murong Jingxuan was thinking of and reluctantly shook her head, "When have I ever refused you."

With that said, Murong Jingxuan secretly gave Qingyan a thumbs up, as if he'd already won this game. Seeing him like that, Qingyan helplessly shook her head.

She recalled that many years ago, there was once a man, who was as gentle as water, that also treated her like that.

He would always affectionately call her name by her ear, "Little Yan'er."

He would always like to pull her hand along, traversing every corner of the world.

Qingyan felt everything go dark before her eyes, completely losing her conscious.

Seeing Qingyan collapsing, Chunyuan instinctively cried out, "Yan'er!"

Murong Jingxuan immediately called for Chonglou to check on her. Qingyan's situation, while Chunyuan and Mu Zhimin were oblivious to it, Murong Jingxuan knew of it very well.

Chonglou saw the girl lying on the bed and turned to the other three standing to the side respectfully, "Master, the poison in Miss Su's body has began to intensify again. The task of searching for the seven toxins have already been arranged."

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