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   Chapter 50 Horseback Archery I

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It's said in the 'Strategies of the Warring States': Today I shall wear clothes of the Hu people and go horseback shooting, to teach the common people and the world about me.

The so called 'horseback archery' refers to riding on a horse and hitting a moving target with the arrow.

In Donghe and Wuding Kingdom, horseback archery was something that every boy must learn in school. However, because it was not required for the girls, ever so rarely do they touch upon these things.

The girls of Donghe usually strive to be virtuous, thus girls who've yet to marry usually excelled in the feminine arts.

"Siyao, is your family's fourth miss crazy? This is horseback archery!" Jiang Lan look to Ning Siyao and helplessly spoke, "Just what in the world is she thinking."

Ning Siyao didn't expect that Qingyan agree so bluntly. When she looked to Qingyan, she opened her mouth, "Qingyan, as long as you admit defeat, there's still room to turn back. Why must you try to measure yourself again young master Cui?"

Although Ning Siyao wanted to see Qingyan embarrass herself, Su Qingyan was still a child of the Su manor after all. If Su manor were to lose face, then that was the same as her losing face.

Qingyan curled her lips and turned her head towards Ning Siyao, "Could it be that second aunt is sure that I will lose?"

The audience that was watching her also felt that she shouldn't accept this challenge, especially the various princes.

Although Murong Jingxuan hasn't seen Qingyan's horseback archery before, he knew that her inner strength was beyond that of a normal person. If given the time, she would definitely become someone that was only second to him in Donghe. Not to mention, she was still so young right now.

"Miss Su, if you kneel before me and admit defeat, I can consider sparing you." Cui Hanqun looked to Qingyan and shamelessly boasted. All over his body he was emitting the signal for her to beg him for mercy.

But Su Qingyan stubbornly just won't let him have his way. Besides, in the past, her horseback archery skills were personally honed by Weisheng Junmo. In Nanchen's legends, she was the most talented female archer. In horseback archery in Nanchen, aside from Weisheng Junmo, no one else could rival her.

"How does young master Cui want

edly supporting the Crown Prince.

"Since that's the case, then it's not good if I don't participate as well." Murong Jingxuan look to Su Qingyan with a smile, "I also bet Su fourth Miss will win. If I lose, I will throw in the Azure Dragon Falling Crescent sword."

Chunyuan, seeing the younger generation being playful, couldn't help but to want to join in. She turned to Qingyan's figure and said with a smile, "If Yan'er wins, I will ask the Emperor for another favor, to allow you to freely choose your marriage, what do you think?"

Qingyan's dress raised with the wind. Qingyan, who stood in the wind, at that moment, felt unusually lonesome. It was as if she was the only one that existed in the world.

"Thank you Princess for your generosity." Qingyan politely bowed to Chunyuan.

In the end, only 4 people stood on Qingyan's side, even Xuanyuan Yukai and Xuanyuan Yuning, who usually got along well with Yuzhen, still felt Su Qingyan would lose.

"Su Qingyan, when the time comes, don't come crying to me begging for mercy." Cui Hanqun look to Qingyan still with an arrogant look.

Qingyan smiled, "That said, young master Cui should be the one that's worried. After all, I don't know how to shoot an arrow, even if I were to accidentally kill young master Cui in this match, I wouldn't need to take responsibility." She paused before continuing, "But if I were to accidentally get shot to death by young master Cui, then this would be deliberate on young master Cui's part. You'll be sentenced to death."

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