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   Chapter 48 The Four Arts II

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Cui Hanxue listened to what Qingyan said, still with a look of disdain, "Su Qingyan, don't talk nonsense. If when the time comes and you lose, don't come crying to me."

"That is natural." Qingyan still carried a smile on her face, but that smile was brimming with confidence.

At that moment, Liu Shang also thought through some things. He very much wanted to know just what kind of surprises this young girl before him could bring, especially that shred of ruthlessness under that confident look.

"Since Miss Su was able to recognized this Guqin, then I will let you borrow it." Liu Shang said this as he took the guqin from his back and placed it in Su Qingyan's hands. Based on this guqin's weight, it wasn't something that a young girl like her could carry, yet Su Qingyan was able to firmly hold it.

She lightly bowed to Liu Shang, "Thank you very much mister Liu Shang, I definitely won't let you regret letting me borrow this."

Qingyan carried the Fengyao Guqin and slowly walked to the center of the stage. However, she didn't removed the Charred Tail Guqin that was already there, but instead placed the Fengyao Guqin vertically in front of it.

Everyone burst into laughter at how Su Qingyan placed the instrument. But only Liu Shang knew that only the previous pavilion master, Qilian Qingyan, would play like this. And she would play out the most heart moving melodies in the world.

"Su Qingyan, how can you compete with me when you can't even place the qin right." Cui Hanxue look to Su Qingyan, still sneering at her.

But Su Qingyan ignored her and strum the strings, releasing an unworldly and pleasant sound.

As soon as the sound escaped, everyone present momentarily fell into silence. This was precisely what's impressive about the Fengyao Guqin; it can endlessly magnify the sound of the qin, evoking a surreal image.

Qingyan lastly placed the qin horizontally on her lap and slowly stroked the strings.

The first part of the tune was ethereal and lingering, as if it could let one sink into nature and feel the cries of a hundred birds.

The second part was deep and melodious, as if one could sense the parting sorrow and grief of the player, making them can't help but to tear at the cruelty of fate.

The last part of the tune was soothing and light, as if one could feel that light hearted and relaxing mood of the player.

s before her eyes. That look made him once again combine the earlier scene.

Just who was she? Su Qingyan or Qilian Qingyan?

Qingyan unsurprisingly obtained first place; to this ranking, Qingyan was nonchalant about it, especially when she played that [Thousand Beasts and Phoenix] piece.

Thus, she was not the least bit surprised to receive this kind of ranking.

"Mother, when did Su Qingyan learn to play the guqin, why didn't I know about it?" Su Qingyuan look to the not too distant Qingyan and asked in a soft voice, "She's taking all the spotlight."

"Yuan'er, there's no need for you to worry, isn't there still the other category performances as well? Aside from the main one, isn't there still more? Just beat her in those when the time comes." Ning Siyao patted Qingyuan's arm as she said this, "I'm very confident in our Yuan'er's abilities."

Su Qingyuan turned to Su Qingyan with an intimidating look in her eyes. But as if Qingyan had never seen her, she continued to keep her eyes on the chessboard before her, minding her own business.

"Fourth brother, seems like you're going to have to surrender your Azure Dragon Falling Crescent sword now." Xuanyuan Yukai look to Xuanyuan Yuzhen and whispered, "The tune that girl played was really astonishing."

Xuanyuan Yuzhen looked at the confident looking Murong Jingxuan and grinned, "Seems like you already knew that girl can take first place?"

Murong Jingxuan turned towards Qingyan's direction and confidently says, "Naturally."

Since the beginning, she has never once disappointed him before.

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