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   Chapter 47 The Four Arts I

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Listening to what Murong Jingxuan said, Xuanyuan Yuzhen twirled his jade thumb ring. When he turned towards Jingxuan, he replied with a smile, "If I lose, I'll give you the Azure Dragon Falling Crescent Sword that father bestowed me. If you lose, you'll let me have that girl. How about it?"

Xuanyuan Yuzhen's proposal really was very alluring, especially the sword that Hongjia Emperor gave the Fourth Prince last time. It's said that it was obtained from a Daoist Priest when the previous emperor was still a prince. The priest once declared: 'The one who obtains this sword, will surely conquer the world with the help of the one possessed by the Phoenix'.

The previous emperor was very fond of the Fourth Prince, thus he bestowed this sword to the him when he was 8. Even after the previous emperor had passed away, Hongjia Emperor never once taken back the sword, thus till this day, it's still stored away at the Fourth Prince's manor.

"Are you going to keep your word?" Jingxuan turn to Yuzhen with a smile, "Then you better be prepared to give me that sword." He confidently smirked, "I believe that girl won't lose."

Xuanyuan Yuzhen shook his head, "That's not for sure yet. If you lose, then that girl will be my royal consort." Xuanyuan Yuzhen tapped the table with much rhythm.

He once heard Murong Jingxuan describe Qingyan playing the qin, and it was even that [Thousand Beasts and Phoenix] tune that's been lost for more than 5 years in Jianghu. He once secretly asked Liu Shang if it was true that only Qilian Qingyan could play that piece, and the answer Liu Shang gave was that it was as such.

Liu Shang once openly declare that the Thousand Beast Pavilion has always only ever acknowledge the tune, not the person. If one really could perform [Thousand Beasts and Phoenix] with the jade flute, then they will certainly support that person into becoming the second pavilion master of the Thousand Beast Pavilion.

The ones that drew the same category as Qingyan were Cui Hanxue, Du Yulin, and another girl that Qingyan couldn't remember the name of. But she without a doubt knew that everyone was waiting to see her make a fool of herself.

Yet she calmly sat there, as if completely ignoring her surroundings. That nonchalant calmness made everyone look forward to this show.

"Siyao, when did that four

ld wutong tree with the millennium snow silk that she collected as its strings, thus was given the name 'Fengyao'. It can be said that this Fengyao Guqin was one of a kind in this world.

Liu Shang also never had thought that Qingyan was able to recognized this guqin. When he was at the Thousand Beast Pavilion, because he was skilled at tuning, this guqin was bestowed to him. This guqin to him was like his life, that's why he once said, 'he will exist as long as the qin exists and die if the qin dies.'

He'd thought that no one in this world would ever recognize this Fengyao Guqin ever again, but to think that it was recognized by this 10 or so years old young girl. He figured that Qingyan must be someone that was very fond of guqins, which was why she was able to recognize this Fengyao guqin.

"Just what is Su Qingyan up to? Don't tell me she really is afraid of Cui Hanxue?" The people below commented in a whisper.

The judges were also getting impatient with Su Qingyan, but since she was standing before the Chunyuan Princess, it wasn't appropriate for them to remind Su Qingyan that it was time for her performance.

And at that moment, Cui Hanxue's voice sounded, "Su Qingyan, if you don't know how to play, it's okay. As long as you admit defeat, it'll all be good. Why bother stalling over there."

Qingyan turned around to Cui Hanxue with a grin on her face. "Oh, when have I ever said I was going to give up! If Miss Cui is getting impatient waiting, why not think about how you are going to perform in the other categories."

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