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   Chapter 46 The Talent Conference V

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Qingyan naturally didn't think that Chunyuan would say something like that. After all, it wasn't proper to sit next to the Princess. Even if she really wanted to sit by her side at that moment, she could only decline her kind offer with a smile, "Thank you for your Highness's kind offer, but Yan'er is one of the conference candidates. If I were to sit by Princess's side, it wouldn't be proper. If Yan'er takes first place in this conference today, then afterwards I can openly sit by Princess's side."

Chunyuan gazed at Qingyan and once again compared her to Qilian Qingyan in her mind. Especially that confide smile of hers, it was all too similar. But she also knows that this girl before her isn't the already deceased Xianyi Empress.

Chunyuan held her hand and spoke in a clear voice, "Alright alright! If Yan'er takes first place here today, then I will ask the Emperor for an imperial edict to bestow you the honorary title of 'Princess', and let you and Min'er can be equals."

Qingyan didn't think Chunyuan would make such an attractive offer. She look to Chunyuan grinning, "Thank you your Highness. If Yan'er is lucky enough to take first place, then your Highness's trust in me won't be in vain."

Hearing Qingyan boasting so shamelessly, some of the people below began to feel unsatisfied. They all whispered to one another, 'Su Qingyan was only talking big, how could she become the winner, that's practically dreaming. She was the laughing stock of the talent conference year after year.'

"Jingxuan, is this the girl the Su fourth miss you mentioned today?" Xuanyuan Yuzhen twirled his jade ring as he turned to ask Murong Jingxuan.

Murong Jingxuan patted Xuanyuan Yuzhen on the shoulder and smirked, "She's mine, don't you dare try to steal her."

"I don't see how this girl is all that impressive!" Xuanyuan Yukai looked to Su Qingyan and reluctantly shrugged his shoulders, "Jingxuan, just what do you see in her?"

Murong Jingxuan turn to Xuanyuan Yukai and shook his head with a 'can't say' look, "When the time comes, you'll understand why she's impressive."

The so called talent conference was just battle of talents among women, archery and riding co

couldn't say how she truly felt. However, she really has never seen Su Qingyan play the qin before. What would happen if she really were to embarrass herself when the time came?

Murong Jingxuan secretly rejoiced in his heart when he saw that confident smile on Su Qingyan. That girl surely won't let him be disappointed. Although, starting from the first day they met, when has she ever disappointed him?

"Brother Jingxuan, does that girl really not know how to play the qin? She won't really break the strings on the qin, will she?" Xuanyuan Yuning asked in surprised, "I feel it's best not to trust what that girl says."

"That's what I think too. After all, she did embarrass herself at the talent conference last year, becoming the laughing stock among the princes." Xuanyuan Yukai look to Su Qingyan and recalled the scene at last year's talent conference. That spectacle was simply unforgettable.

"How about we make a bet?" Xuanyuan Yuzhen and Murong Jingxuan's voice sounded at the same time.

Murong Jingxuan look to Xuanyuan Yuzhen with an unsatisfied expression, "Didn't I already say that girl is mine, you can't steal her from me."

Xuanyuan Yuzhen twisted the jade ring on his thumb, "Since it's someone Jingxuan is interested in, I naturally will need to think it over. Though now it seems I should obviously go head to head with you to see who's better."

"Che." Murong Jingxuan look to him in disdain, "What do you want to bet?"

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