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   Chapter 45 The Talent Conference IV

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Ning Siyao only felt the stinging pain on her face and didn't hear what the girl in red said. Just when she was about to strike back, she heard the sound of everyone formally bowing.

Confused as to what was happening, she wanted to open her mouth, but discovered she was already pushed onto the ground by someone.

"To still not kneel after seeing the Grand Princess." The young girl in red look to Ning Siyao with a look of disdain, "If I were to tell Royal Uncle that you didn't pay your respects to the Imperial Great Aunt, how do you think you'll end up?!"

"Min'er, don't be so rude, you are still a princess* after all. How can you act so rashly?" Listening to the girl in red, Chunyuan replied with a smile, "Why did you think of coming to see me today?" She walk up to the girl in red and warmly spoke, completely disregarding Ning Siyao and the crowd that were still kneeling on the ground.

(*TN: To clarify because english does not have the distinctions, she's technically the current Emperor's niece, in Chinese the title is Junzhu)

"Royal great aunt, I heard that big brother Jingxuan met an impressive girl, so I wanted to come see." Mu Zhimin spoke as she intentionally set her gaze towards Qingyan.

"Oh, a girl that could catch Jingxuan's interest? When the time comes I too want to get a good look at her." Chunyuan also liked Murong Jingxuan very much, especially after she learned that he was also the eldest son of Qilian Qingyan's best friend. Thus, whenever he encountered any troubles in Diqiu, she would also reach out to help him.

"That's right, I also want to meet her." Mu Zhimin saw Qingyan lowering her head and grinned, immediately adding, "Upon meeting her now, it seems brother Jingxuan's eyes are not bad, to think that she could get royal great aunt to come to the talent conference."

As soon as Mu Zhimin spoke, Chunyuan turned to Qingyan with a gentle look in her eyes. She'd not thought that the one Murong Jingxuan was interested in was actually this girl before her.

"Are you saying Xuan'er is interested in this girl next to me?" Chunyuan asked Mu Zhimin with a look of disbelief, "Are you positive?"

Upon hearing Chunyuan's words, Mu Zhimin laughed as she wrapped her arms around Chunyuan's, "That's right! Brother Jingxuan has been highly praising this lady nonstop." As she said this she lightly chuckled, covering her mouth.

This was Su Qingyan's first time meeting such a carefree girl. As soon as

mely close to Xuanyuan Yuzhen. And Yuzhen treated them as if they were his full siblings.

The last one to appear was naturally Murong Jingxuan. Today's Murong Jingxuan wore a red attire, carrying a stem of foxtail grass in his mouth. That appearance of his looked as frivolous as those playboys that frequent brothels.

"Great aunt, who upset you this time? To think you'd have all these people still kneeling here as punishment." Murong Jingxuan look to the crowd as his playful voice sounded. He glanced to the the incense burner, "The time for the talent conference is about to start. Great aunt, why trouble these beautiful ladies."

"Brother Jingxuan, you don't understand, this woman was rude to the Imperial Great Aunt, that's why she's kneeling here as punishment." When Mu Zhimin looked to Murong Jingxuan, she grinned and even pointed her finger at Ning Siyao.

Murong Jingxuan didn't follow along the direction where Mu Zhimin pointed towards Ning Siyao, but instead respectfully look to Chunyuan, "Great aunt, since the talent conference is about to start, why bother troubling these people."

Chunyuan turned to Murong Jingxuan and nodded her head with a smile. She looked to the crowd and waved her hand, "You're excused. If there's a second time, I won't be easily forgiving you like this."

After everyone thanked Chunyuan with a bow, they all took their daughters and sat in their assigned seats. And after seeing everyone get up, Qingyan had also planned to go to her own seat, but was stopped by Chunyuan as she pulled her hand, "Yan'er, why don't you sit with me today, those people wouldn't dare to bully you."

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