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   Chapter 44 The Talent Conference III

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When Su Qingyan heard this voice, she knew it was already impossible to leave. She walked out from behind the potted plants and bowed to Chunyuan Grand Princess, "I'd inadvertently intruded upon this place, I hope Grand Princess would forgive me."

When Chunyuan Grand Princess saw Qingyan, Qilian Qingyan's figure surfaced in her mind. She walked up next to Su Qingyan and held her hand, "Yan'er, did you come back? I just knew you wouldn't easily die like that. It must be because you're unwilling to part with royal mother*, that's why you came back right?"

(*TN: She's Qilian Qingyan's mother-in-law, which is why she addresses herself like that.)

Qingyan look to her with a smile, "Your Highness, are you mistaking me for someone?"

After staring at Qingyan for awhile, Chunyuan Grand Princess turned to her side to Liu Shang, "Too similar, she really is too similar, even how we first met is similar."

Liu Shang glanced at Qingyan and tightly furrowed his brows. However, he was unwilling to retort Chunyuan Grand Princess's opinion and could only nod along.

Liu Shang carefully studied Qingyan's appearance. This young girl that looked about 14 has an innate dignified aura, and this kind of aura he'd only felt on the former pavilion master, Qilian Qingyan, before.

In these five years, it's not like he'd never thought of extracting revenge for the pavilion master, but Qinglong* and the others had constantly been stopping him. They could only helplessly watch as Qingyan died.

(*TN: Azure Dragon, unsure whether it's being used as a name or he is the Azure Dragon in human form.)

Died in that mysterious fire.

By the time they all rushed back to Nanchen, they'd received news that Qilian Qingyan's corpse had disappeared as well. Weisheng Junyan, seeing that she'd never done anything improper in her life, gave her posthumous title of Xianyi Empress.

But he knew that she must have experienced something terrible at the end, to have chosen to end her life by burning herself. But all those involved in that incident had all mysteriously died, so they didn't know where to start looking for the truth of the matter.

"What is your name? Why did you intrude here?" Chunyuan asked her with a smile.

Qingyan met her eyes and simply replied, "Your Highness, my name is Su Qingyan, I once heard that Xiexiu Hall was built by a prin

ingyuan, he had a warm smile.

When Su Qingyuan heard that voice, she lifted her head and saw Su Qingyan and next to her stood an unknown old woman.

"Yan'er, what took you so long? We've all been waiting for you for a while now." Luo Yixin walked up before Qingyan with a smile.

As soon as Luo Yixin finished speaking, the sound of shock was heard from behind her. The young girl before their eyes in green was actually Su Qingyan?! How could that be?

"Xin'er, sorry for the wait." Su Qingyan apologized to Luo Yixin with a bow.

Seeing how the others acted, Chunyuan knew that Qingyan's days here were not well. She pulled along Qingyan as she walked up the main seat to the side and sat down. "Yan'er, just sit by my side today, I guarantee those people won't bully you."

Just as Chunyuan sat down, Ning Siyao's voice sounded, "Where did this shrew hag come from, to dare sit in the main seat. Do you know who gets sit in the main seat?"

Just when Liu Shang was about to step forward and teach her a lesson, Chunyuan looked up to Ning Siyao with a smile, "This madam, do you know who I am?"

Ning Siyao, thinking that anyone that comes in with Su Qingyan is definitely not some decent person, condescendingly replied, "I don't care who you are. This main seat isn't somewhere you can sit. As for that little wench next to you-!"

'Pah.' Just like that, a slap landed across Ning Siyao's face. The one that slapped her was an unknown maiden clad in red. "What an arrogant fellow, not kneeling before the Grand Princess and even daring to be so impudent."

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