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   Chapter 42 The Talent Conference I

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7792

Updated: 2018-07-03 12:12

The talent conference finally arrives under the watchful eyes of thousands.

In a couple of days, Qingyan had already learned everything about the so called talent conference.

Donghe's Talent Conference was not in anyway inferior to Nanchen's Hundred Flower Feast. Ultimately it was just a form of entertainment for the royalty and aristocrats.

And the cost of this entertainment was just to see what kind of person one would marry.

If married well, it was a lifetime match. If not, then they could only swallow all the bitter tears in their stomach.

But what was more meaningful than finding a good husband?

However, the her now no longer cared about a so called good husband.

The so called good husband, to look up to throughout ones whole life.

Sitting before the dressing mirror, Qingyan stared at herself in the mirror. Baizhi stood behind her brushing her hair, her skills were truly considered first rate.

"Miss, today is the talent conference, I'll fix your hair into the goddess style*."

(*TN: It's a style of hair where the hair is put into a top bun with loops of hair coming out.)

Listening to Baizhi's voice, Qingyan, unwilling to turn away her good intentions, also agreed to her suggestion.

Seeing the young girl finish fixing her hair in the mirror, Qingyan smiled.

"Miss, I've also prepared your clothes for you." Zizhu said as she entered the room with the folded clothes.

Su Jiashi prepared for Qingyan was a pink dress with teal patterns, but Qingyan didn't like this color. So she could only bring out the Liuyun silk from before and have Li Clothing Store's Liuniang make a new green colored plum blossom dress for her.

"Miss, why do you tend to like green dresses, when your skin is so nice like that?" Huangcen said pouting, as Qingyan put on the dress. "Miss, isn't the point of today's talent conference to compete in talents and fight for the spotlight?"

Qingyan watched Baizhi help her tie on the belt, and then turned around to Huangcen, "Huangcen, although today is the talent conference, it's not like you don't know my abilities, if I embarrass myself during the conference, then that would just be inexcusable."

"Miss definitely won't lose face." Qingdai, seeing Qingyan dressing up, said grinning, "Our miss is very impressive, she definitely won't lose

hat happened from the others. But in the end, she'd never thought that Chai Yiyun would use such dirty methods against Su Qingyan.

After slightly bowing to Ning Siyao, Qingyan also turned and got on her own carriage.

After getting on the carriage, Qingdai opened the food case. Everything that granny Ruo prepared for them were all greasy snacks, and it looked completely unappetizing.

"Heh." Chishao coldly snorted, "I'd never expected that granny Ruo would have this kind of intention, all just to harm the young miss."

"Fengqing, just throw everything away." Qingyan called out to the air, and shortly, the food case disappeared from her hands.

"Miss, why do you still have that old hag around, even though she clearly doesn't have any good intentions." Qingdai asked with a confused look.

"Qingdai, if the opportunity arises, do you think Ning Siyao would find someone to kill granny Ruo? The reason why she hasn't made her move yet is because granny Ruo is probably still useful." Qingyan look to her with a smirk on her lips.

"If that's the case, why should I dirty my own hands? When the time comes, wouldn't it be better to have Ning Siyao help us get rid of granny Ruo." As she said this, she lightly chuckled with her mouth covered.

Those that betray Su Qingyan will only have one ending, and that is to forever have their eyes shut.

Granny Ruo, you shouldn't blame me for being heartless. Who told you to touch my bottom line.

In the end, I'm quite curious as to what kind of task Ning Siyao has prepared for you.

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