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   Chapter 41 Third House's Schemes III

Phoenix Reborn: The Peerless Fourth Lady By Yi Ying Characters: 7174

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Chai Yiyun stared at Murong Jingxuan, and for a moment, she didn't know how to answer him. She looked to Su Yan and pitifully said, "My lord, believe me, I really am innocent."

When Deng Yan looked to Su Yan, she also had a similar expression, but unlike Chai Yiyun she didn't lose her composure, especially in this setting.

Su Yan looked to the kneeling Chai Yiyun. As his legitimate wife, he certainly shouldn't abandon her, especially at a time like this.

He look towards Murong Jingxuan and Su Jiashi with a polite look, "I wonder if your Highness can explain to me the details of what happened."

Murong Jingxuan took a step forward towards him and explained everything to him. Su Yan look to the Magistrate officials with a reluctant look.

Su Yan threw the doll before Chai Yiyun, "All the witnesses and evidences is here, what else do you have to say for yourself. She's elder brother's daughter after all, why must you treat her like that?"

Chai Yiyun looked at the doll before her. That doll certainly was her own creation, but she clearly remembered throwing it in Deng Yan's yard. Yet why did things turn out like this now?

Plus, she was just about to deal with Deng Yan, so why did everything now all point towards her?

She looked to Su Qingyan, who was lying on the bed, and fiercely said, "My lord, you don't understand, all of this is entirely that girl framing me. It's her, it's definitely that demon."

Just when Su Jiashi wanted to hit her with her cane a second time, she saw Su Yan taking a step forward and giving her a slap across the face. "Enough of this farce!"

Chai Yiyun covered her cheek with her hand; the scorching pain on her face spread throughout her body. Ever since she'd married into the Su manor, even though Su Yan and her weren't considered very intimate, he'd never once hit her before. And yet now, because of that girl, he'd hit her?

"My lord, why won't you believe what I said, I really am innocent." Chai Yiyun looked at Su Yan and pitifully pleaded, "I really haven't done anything to harm the fourth miss."

"Enough, Yan'er still needs rest. How should this matter be deal

No matter."

"Yan'er, in a few days it'll be the talent conference. Even though you always end up last every time, grandmother has already went and prepared an outfit for you. So that when the time comes, you won't have to stress over what to wear." Su Jiashi said as she patted the back of Qingyan's hand.

Qingyan thanked Su Jiashi with a formal lady's bow, "Thank you for your worries grandmother. Yan'er is still a bit unwell, I'll go ahead and head back to my own yard so that grandmother won't have to worry."

"Alright, then why don't you go ahead and head back." Su Jiashi look to Qingyan with a smile.

Seeing Qingyan turning to leave, Murong Jingxuan turned and bowed at Su Jiashi, "Then I'll take my leave as well."

As soon as Murong Jingxuan stepped out of the Su manor's room, he immediately reappeared on the window sill of Qingyan's bedroom. Just as Qingyan entered her yard, she saw that familiar figure.

"Shizi really does like this room of mine." Qingyan look to his figure full of smiles.

"Tsk, in a few days, it'll be the talent conference. Do you really not need to prepare anymore?" Murong Jingxuan look to her grinning, "I'm really looking forward to your shocking performance during the talent conference."

"Oh!" Qingyan look to him with smiles in her eyes, "Then I hope Shizi will enjoy looking forward to my stunning performance."

A performance that definitely won't disappoint you.

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