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   Chapter 40 Third House's Schemes II

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When Murong Jingxuan looked to Su Jiashi, he smiled, "Just now, I heard that the Su's fourth miss was injured. Fortunately, I just happened to be passing by with my imperial physician, so we came to see what's wrong."

He turned to Chonglou next to him with a smile, "This the Imperial Physician Court's Chonglou. He's the Imperial Physician Court's young and promising imperial physician. If the fourth miss has any aliments, Chonglou will know at a glance."

Hearing Murong Jingxuan say this, Su Jiashi looked to him with a bit of relief. She faced Chonglou and nodded her head, "Doctor, please see what's wrong with Yan'er for me."

Chonglou walked up next to Qingyan and took her pulse. He frowned.

Seeing him like that, Su Jiashi asked with a worried look, "Sir Chonglou, could it be that Yan'er was poisoned by something, which is why she's like this now?"

Chonglou looked to Murong Jingxuan that was standing to the side, and Murong Jingxuan permitted him to speak. Chonglou faced Su Jiashi with a bow, "Old madam, fourth miss isn't poisoned, but rather was cursed by witchcraft."

When Su Jiashi heard this, she took a step back and held onto Yunxiang next to her for support, "How could that be? How could the Su manor have this kind of harmful act?"

When Chai Yiyun heard this, she schemingly glanced to Deng Yan kneeling on the floor, "Mother-in-law, I heard that Deng Yiniang is skilled in witchcraft, do you think it's Deng Yiniang's fault that the fourth miss became like this?"

"Mother*, you can't slander like that! Yiniang is definitely innocent." Su Qingxue look to Chai Yiyun angrily, but was welcomed with a slap across the face from Chai Yiyun.

(*TN: She calls Chai Yiyun 'mother' because she is the legitimate wife of her father, while her own biological mother is a concubine, so she has to refer to her as Yiniang.)

"I'm the one talking here, since when was it your turn to speak!" Chai Yiyun berated Qingxue with a glare.

Seeing the handprint on Su Qingxue's face, Deng Yan's heart ached. She looked towards Su Jiashi with a distressed look, "Old madam, I've never harmed fourth miss before, please old madam, you have to believe me."

"I wonder if old madam is willing to hear my opinion on this?" Looking at the two, Murong Jingxuan appropriately

birth characters on them. Since you're so heartless to curse Yan'er to death, why didn't you curse me to death too."

As soon as Su Yan and Su Ming returned to the manor, they heard what happened, and Su Yan thus immediately rushed to old madam's Meixiangyuan. Just as he entered the yard, he saw both Deng Yan and Chai Yiyun crying on the ground.

"Greetings mother...."

Before Su Yan could finish speaking, Su Jiashi had already smacked him with her cane. "Look at what kind of wife you've married, to think she would want to kill my grandson and granddaughter."

When she thought of this, Su Jiashi apologetically turned to Chonglou, "I wonder if you can take a lot at my grandson as well?"

Chonglou firmly nodded, and seeing him agree, Su Jiashi immediately let someone carry Su Qingcong over. Chonglou took his pulse and reluctantly replied, "Old madam, the young master is fine for now, he merely ate something that caused him to sleep. He'll probably wake by tomorrow."

Upon hearing this from Chonglou, Su Jiashi felt a bit relieved. Leaning on her cane, Su Jiashi walked over next to Chai Yiyun and kicked her, "You disgrace, tell me why you would want to curse my grandson and granddaughter to death!"

Chai Yiyun looked to Su Yan who was standing to the side, "My lord, you have to believe me! I really didn't have the fourth miss and the young master, I really didn't."

When Murong Jingxuan saw this, he smirked, "Then should we also pretend that the dolls found in third madam's yard never existed!?"

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