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   Chapter 38 Missing Hairpin II

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Updated: 2018-06-29 12:12

She'd never expected that this hairpin was one of the first madam's dowry, and she'd never expected that Su Qingyan would try to pull this. As she stared at the hairpin on Su Qingwen's head, she could only feel that hairpin becoming more and more bothersome. Even to the point where she wanted to immediately rip it out and throw it away.

Su Qingyan turned to Su Qingwen with a pitiful look and said, "Second sister, if you'd really liked my mother's hairpin that much, then you should have told me. I definitely would have endured the pain of parting with it and given it to you. Why trouble someone to steal it?"

Su Qingwen looked to Su Qingyan with a puzzled look and then turned her gaze towards Chai Yiyun.

Sensing her daughter's gaze on her, Chai Yiyun bowed to Su Jiashi, "Mother-in-law, I didn't know this was fourth girl's hairpin."

Su Jiashi looked to Chai Yiyun and stomped her cane on the ground, "Chai Yiyun, what is this? Yan'er is also a lady of the Su manor, why would you steal something from her?"

Chai Yiyun grudgingly gritted her teeth as she glared at Su Qingyan. She then turned her attention back to Su Jiashi, yielding even further, "Mother-in-law, I'd bought this hairpin off of a servant, I didn't know it was something of the fourth miss's."

Su Jiashi glared at Chai Yiyun as she spoke and yelled out, "Someone, quickly find me that servant girl!"

Hearing Su Jiashi's severe tone, Chai Yiyun could only let Lanzhi go and find Xiaocui. Right now, the only way to save herself from this mess was to push everything onto Xiaocui and make Xiaocui her scapegoat.

When Xiaocui saw Lanzhi, she knew the situation was already out of hand. However, she still didn't understand why Su Qingyan wanted to push this onto her. But nevertheless, from the start, she was the one that'd betrayed their yard.

When Xiaocui saw Qingyan and recalled what had happened the day before, she knelt to the ground begging, "Old madam, that hairpin was given to me by the Miss, it's not stolen."

"Insolence! How could you still lie in front of the old madam." Zizhu looked to Xiaocui and coldly berated her, "That was miss's favorite hairpin, how could she give it to a

s, what are you trying to do!? This thing isn't good for you!" Huangcen saw Qingyan's look and couldn't help but to speak up. But then, her eyes lit up, "Perhaps miss thought of a new way to deal with the third madam?"

"Fengqing." Qingyan called out to the air, "Is the pastries Chai Yiyun sent to Wenshuangyuan the same?"

Fengqing immediately appeared next to Qingyan's window and said to her politely, "Yes, it's the same as the ones given to miss."

"Oh!" Qingyan smiled as she handed the basket to Fengqing, "I believe you already know what to do."

"Understood." Fengqing disappeared with the basket. About a moment later, Fengqing appeared again with a food case in hand.

After Qingyan opened the case and saw the pastries inside, she smiled and said, "Come over and have a taste, I heard my third aunt's skills were quite good." As she said this she divided the pastries in the container into their hands.

Fengqing looked at the pastry in his hand and quickly disappeared.

"Miss, why was Fengqing's face so red!?" Huangcen said as she also jabbed Chishao, who was happily eating next to her.

"Probably because he's embarrassed! At Shizi's place, rarely would people care for us." Chishao turned her eyes to Qingyan again and said with her teeth stained from the pastries, "To be able to serve miss is just great."

"Chishao, you know too much. When have I ever been embarrassed?" Fengqing's voice flusteredly sounded from the air.

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