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   Chapter 36 Joining Forces II

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Su Qingyan kept all of Xiaocui's behavior in mind, although she didn't say much. Besides, after this incident, Xiaocui won't be appearing in this yard of hers anymore. Where she'll be afterwards will have nothing to do with her. Therefore, before then, what's wrong with sending that kind of person off with a nice farewell?

After everything had settled down, the girls loudly let out their restrained laughter, especially Baizhi, who was the loudest. Seeing them playing around, Qingyan also happily smiled.

"Miss, it truly is a bad person with a bad person's face." Baizhi looked to Qingyan as she held her stomach from laughing, "I've never seen granny Ruo so worked up like that before."

Qingdai had imitated granny Ruo perfectly, and in the end, she even made herself laugh.

"Miss, I can tell, this Su manor is a ruthless place." Chishao looked to her and said, "Else how could there be servants like that?"

"Chishao, don't you know, miss used to be picked on all the time by that pathetic servant." Huangcen stood to the side and looked to Chishao, holding her arm. "Our young miss is practically the kindest."

"Miss has always been very kind." Zizhu said this as she held onto Qingyan's arm, "Am I not right miss?"

Qingyan spoke as she affectionately tapped Zizhu's nose, "Zizhu is right, I'm actually very kind, right?"

Kind only to the ones she's close to.

Kind only to the ones that were kind to her.

Kind to the point that she would do anything to protect those around her.

Since these girls think she's a good person, then she's willing to be the kind young miss in their eyes.

"Say, do you think Xiaocui will tell Chai Yiyun about me giving her that hairpin?" Qingyan lightly tapped on the table with her hand.

"Miss, that was the hairpin madam gave you. How could you just casually give it away to some servant girl." When Zizhu thought of it, she made a bitter expression.

"Naturally there's a reason for it. At least before dealing with granny Ruo, I can kick Xiaocui out of our yard first." Qingyan said with a smiled.

"Miss, how do

with the old man?"

Hearing this familiar voice, Murong Jingxuan lifted his head and was met with a familiar face. The man was clad in purple with a dragon carved jade at his waist and a fan in hand, leisurely stepping over from on top the water.

He was Donghe's Fourth Prince––Xuanyuan Yuzhen

"Why did you come without being invited." Murong Jingxuan rolled his eyes at the young man, who'd already seated himself.

"Jingxuan, mother said that there's something strange about that old man's illness this time. That's why we wanted you to take a trip to the palace." Xuanyuan Yuzhen looked to Murong Jingxuan with a reluctant expression. "Fengshuang was unable to persuade you, thus I came to invite you personally. Or could it be that you want mother to come and personally invite you."

Thinking of that face of the Imperial Consort, Murong Jingxuan immediately waved his hand, "What's the old man sick with?"

"Mother only said that the old man seems to be poisoned. But it was Eunuch Pei, who had been serving by the old man's side for many years, that first discovered something wrong." Xuanyuan Yuzhen closed his fan and looked to Murong Jingxuan with a stern look.

After hearing the entirety of the matter, Murong Jingxuan also felt that there was something fishy about this matter. He struck the table and called out, "Chonglou, come with me to the palace for a bit."

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